Axminster Precision Rules & Squares

There are some new rules on rules

Historically, woodworkers and engineers have been on polar opposites of the measuring scales. A woodworker would work to a one or two millimeter tolerance, tell an engineer this and they’ll be crying on the floor! What we wanted to do was bring them closer together and produce a series of rules and squares that could be used in either field at an affordable price. A bold target yes, but one we are passionate about achieving.

What should you look for in a quality rule?

Accuracy is the obvious answer, but clarity is just as important, what’s the point of an accurate rule if you cannot read the scale? All of the Axminster rules and scaled squares are certified to EEC class 1 standard which is accurate to +/- 1.1mm over 10m, meaning you can have confidence in their readings. All graduations are photo-chemically etched, black filled and marked in a clear, easy to read font and set against a Japanese stainless steel with an anti-glare satin chrome finish. For those of us who suffer from visual dyslexia, all of this makes our lives so much easier!

So why use quality measuring equipment?

If you use the same rule to measure everything it surely doesn’t matter how accurate the rule is? That is largely true, if it is just you doing the measuring and the making. But what if there is a team of you and you are all making various parts for a project? Or, working to the same drawings in different workshops? This is when it is important and everyone needs to be working to the same standard. This is where the Axminster Precision rules and squares come in to their own, a standard that can be relied upon across the range. Why wouldn’t a fine cabinet maker want to work to the standard of a precision engineer?

Introducing The Range

WARNING: There is a possibility that you will need at least one or all of these rules

Axminster Precision 64R Rustless Steel Rule

The benchmark when it comes to steel rule, pretty much all of us would have used a version of this at some time or another. One side has metric graduations, with one edge in millimetres and the other in half millimetres, figured every 10mm. On the reverse side both edges have inch graduations, sub-divided into 1/16ths, 1/32nds, 1/64ths, 10ths, 20ths, 50ths and 100ths. The rule reads from zero, left to right on a satin chrome finish for better readability and rust resistance. This is the standard rule used in education, however, it does beg the question, why are we teaching with rules that have imperial scales? Available in 150 (6”) and 300mm (12”) options.

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Axminster Precision Centre Finding Rule

These rules are ideal for finding the centre between two points. Mounted on worktables and machines there are unlimited uses. A centre finding or centring rule is unique in having the zero mark in the middle with scales running outwards both left and right. This saves time in finding the middle of boards, circles, anything you need to cut in half or for such things as mounting pictures and photos. The most important feature is that there is no need for mathematical calculations. Not only are they useful for centring but also as a left hand/right hand reading rule they are exceptionally useful when setting out. Remember, this can also be used as a standard rule too, so is perhaps one of the most versatile rules on the market. Available in 300 and 600mm options.

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Axminster Precision Signature Rule

This is the rule you look after, made from quality hardened and tempered Japanese stainless steel with a satin chrome finish, a rule so good it could almost be used as a straight edge. Supplied with a calibration certificate of accuracy. Quite simply a rule everyone should own. Available in 300 and 150mm.

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Axminster Precision 150mm Rule With Pocket Clip

We all know what it’s like, you put down a rule or tape and you then cannot find it, or it’s the other end of the workshop. A handy pocket clip means you will always have this rule to hand. However, this is no gimmick, this rule is as accurate and easy to read as the rest of the range.

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Axminster Precision Hardwood Square & Metric Rule

A square for the woodworker with the accuracy of an engineer's? That is exactly what these are. Manufactured in accordance with British Standard BS3322/IS 4017, the squares are fully tested to a tolerance of less than 0.01mm/10mm blade length, both measuring with the inside and the outside. Perfect for setting up guide fences on machines or giving you the exact size of stock. The extra weight and accuracy sets them apart from any other woodworking square out there. The stainless steel blades feature a millimetre scale on both sides and both edges. Like all the precision squares, they come supplied in a foam lined case. Available in 75, 150, 225 and 300mm options. We think these are so good at setting up machinery and if you don’t think so we’ll give you your money back.

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Axminster Precision Engineer's Square

When it comes to an engineer’s square, if it’s not accurate, it’s not worth having. Engineers like cold hard facts and here they. All Axminster Precision Engineer's squares conform to DIN875/II, meaning they are guaranteed square and straight. They are perfect for setting up a number of machines. Plus, all precision squares are supplied in a foam lined case, keeping them safe in your workshop when not in use. Available in 80, 130, 170 and 225mm options.

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Axminster Precision Flexible Rule

How do you measure something that is cylindrical? A traditional steel rules is too rigid and it’s a sure fire way to ruin a good tape measure! What you need is a flexible rule, what you need is an Axminster Precision flexible rule. Made to the same standard as all precision rules, you can be guaranteed to be accurate. Available in 150 and 300mm options.

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Axminster Precision Hook Rule

If you are ever measuring from an edge, the hook rule is the only truly accurate rule you can use. The simply designed hook just latches on to the edge of whatever you're measuring, taking the guesswork out of your reading. The scale is double sided with whole millimeters at the top and half millimeters at the bottom, with the reverse side the other way around. What this means is that you can measure from the top side of the rule in either whole millimeters or half millimeters accurately! Available in 150 and 300mm options.

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Axminster Precision D Head Protractor

If you need to measure and transfer angles quickly this is the tool for you. From 0 to 180 degrees, it has permanently etched graduations on ground stainless steel making it extremely accurate. This tool will get used again and again!

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