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Don’t starve your
drill, feed it FISCH

A professional drill shouldn’t
create an amateur finish

We see so many people using cheap quality accessories but when you’ve invested over £100 in a professional drill why use inferior bits? You’ve bought a professional drill to achieve faster and more accurate results but if the geometry and clearance from the flute aren’t up to the task then you’re going to struggle. The right accessories are vital, it’s often overlooked but they’re obviously the point of contact between your drill and the work surface. Fit a drill with poor quality accessories and the results will reflect the quality of the bit.

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What makes FISCH different?

Cutter head

Perfect geometry

The geometry of the cutting heads is one of the qualities that set FISCH apart. FISCH are fanatical about the geometry as they know how critical it is; if there’s even a slight variance, the results just aren’t as good. Try it when you’re using a Forstner bit, with FISCH you’ll get layers and layers of clean shavings that just roll off the wood. With other cutters if the geometry isn’t as good there tends to be more dust than shavings which clogs and burns resulting in an inferior finish.

Wave Cutter Forstner Bit

FISCH Wave Cutter Forstner Bit

5 Stars

"One of the best Forstner type
bits I've ever purchased."

Fred Sutton - Axminster Customer

5 Stars

"I will be replacing all my
forstner's with this brand"

Chris C - Axminster Customer

Cut with premium accuracy
Axcaliber Forstner Bits

Axcaliber Quick Change System
Forstner Bits 15-35mm

Made by FISCH these Forstner bits produce clean and accurate results. You can also save time quickly switching between bits as they’re compatible with all quick change systems including Festool’s Centrotec.

Create clean, smooth cuts every time
FISCH Double Groove Brad Point Drill Bits

A European leader in cutting tools

FISCH manufacture over 2 million tools per year consistently working to the ethos of precision, quality and hardness. State-of-the-art CNC machinery is used along with strict quality control to ensure that each bit is going to perform to the highest standards.

FISCH Double Groove Brad Point Drill Bits

FISCH Set 6 Double Groove
Brad Point Drill Bits

These brad point bits are a perfect example of why FISCH achieve such good results. The sharp tip starts working right away, keeping the bit centred and then quickly moving through the wood.

5 Stars

"I didn't know it was even possible to drill so
accurately, quickly and cleanly."

Make quick, accurate cuts
Drill bit comparison

Durability and Strength

These masonry, plug cutters, universal twist drills and brad point drill bits are ground from a single piece which gives them extra strength and durability so they won’t break going through harder materials. Again the geometry comes into play as the tips are designed to accurately locate the holes, quickly getting into the material and preventing skidding.


If you’re using a professional drill it needs to have professional bits. There are literally thousands of bit sets available and if you’ve used some of the cheaper sets you’ll know why they’re priced accordingly. Frequent breaks, blunt tips and the extra time and effort it takes to drill through the material, is the saving actually worth it?

Customer Verdicts

Brad Point Drill Bits

FISCH Set 6 Double Groove

Brad Point Drill Bits

5 Stars

"Blimey these are good...! Effortless, fast and accurate. These make beautifully clean entry and thru holes."

Auger Bits

FISCH Quick Change 6

Piece Auger Bit Set

5 Stars

"They cut superbly, the screw thread bites into the wood to allow the cutters to follow with absolute accuracy and the start and end holes are exactly round. These are the first Fisch products I have bought, they will not be the last."

Drill & Countersinks

FISCH Combined Drill

& Countersinks

5 Stars

"These seem well made from good quality materials and work really well, making a nice clean countersink. Plus compatibility with the CSX's Centrotec clutch. Very pleased with these."

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