Axminster Professional Ultimate Edge

Ultimate Guide to the Ultimate Edge

Axminster Professional Ultimate Edge Variable Speed Sharpening System

The Ultimate Edge offers a controlled, repeatable and effective method for sharpening, linishing or polishing on all your edge tools. Here’s our guide on everything that comes as standard, to the wide range of accessories available.

Features of the Ultimate Edge Sharpening System

Variable Speed - Stay In Control

With just a simple twist of a knob you can match the speeds needed for various types of abrasives and material, preventing overheating on small delicate items.

Forward & Reverse Running

Running the belt in reverse (away from the tool) prolongs belt life, gives you greater control and generates less heat resulting in a better edge for your tools. The reverse function is perfect for woodcarving tools.

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Motor Control

Smart electronics constantly monitor amps and speed to ensure there is enough consistent power under varying loads. The power is provided by a premium variable speed 560W PMDC Brush Motor providing plenty of power but also offers greater control when sharpening delicate carving tools or producing a secondary bevel.

Digital Readout in Metres Per Minute (MPM)

Allows you to closely monitor the speed, ensuring you can always maintain the correct one for the material you’re cutting. Speeds range from 202-600 MPM.

Adjustable Tracking

Tracking can be adjusted around four times quicker than a normal tracking system. Belt size 50mm x 785mm

Machined Flat Platform

Provides a flat surface for your belt application, ensuring an even grind when sharpening your tools.

Machine Extraction

Dust extraction ports to the top and bottom allow effective extraction, whether the machine is running in forward or reverse, providing you with a safe and clean working environment.

Toolless Quick Belt Change

Change belts in just 20 seconds with the quick-release door lock. An auto-tension lock and easy-to-adjust belt tracking not only means changing a belt couldn't be easier but it also allows you to work much more efficiently.

Included with the Ultimate Edge System

Support Bar with Dual Axis Adjustment

The basis of most options for the Ultimate Edge is the Support Bar and it's included with your Axminster Professional Ultimate Edge machine. This Support Bar has dual axis adjustment and the familiar round bar, in ground silver steel, allows a variety of other jigs to be mounted. A clever system that allows the bar to slide in two directions with only one operation and it's easily locked with just a twist of a handle.

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Angle Gauge

Guaranteed rapid setup and precise bevel angles every time. The gauge, designed to be used specifically with the Ultimate Edge, has five angle steps for bevels 20°, 25°, 30°, 35° and 40°. On the end of the gauge is a 25mm stop for setting the correct projection of a chisel or blade from the honing guide itself.

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Optional Accessories for the Ultimate Edge

An extensive range of optional accessories allows you to tailor the system to suit your specific application, whether you’re a woodworker, turner, carver, jeweller, model maker, restorer or engineer.

Universal Sharpening Table

Ideal for freehand lathe tool sharpening and general linishing. The Universal Sharpening Table locks securely onto the round bar of the Compound Jig forming a stable platform. Anodised in black, there is a quadrant of angles laser-marked into the surface for easy reference. The supplied mitre guide also helps to maintain the position of the grind.

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Honing Guide

Perfect for plane blades and joinery chisels - the jaws accommodate chisels from 6-66mm in width, so even a No. 8 plane blade will fit. The Honing Guide fits onto the round bar of the Compound Jig. The blade is clamped tightly allowing both primary and secondary bevels to be achieved. It is manufactured entirely from stainless steel and has a simple set screw to control the width. The LH jaw is reversible and has twin jaws. One curved so that chisels that do not have perfectly parallel sides (such as Japanese styles) can be clamped; the other jaw being parallel. The jaws are of a dovetail shape, allowing the chisel to be securely clamped against the body.

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Leather Honing and Polishing Belt

Made from two layers of supple leather, 3.5mm thick, and double-sided meaning two grades of honing or polishing pastes can be used. The joints are butted, so there should be no high spots to disturb the process. Designed to use specifically with the Ultimate Edge.

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'Twist n Fix' Arbor

The Polishing and Honing 'Twist n Fix' Arbor allows you to attach a mop, felt wheel or profiling wheel to the Axminster Professional Ultimate Edge sharpening machine. It comes in two parts, a carrier with a 12mm shaft and the detachable 'Twist n Fix' mop arbor. The carrier bolts onto your Ultimate Edge sharpening machine (mounting hardware supplied).

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Additional 'Twist n Fix' mop arbors are available as a single item or in packs of three

Additional Mop Arbors makes the polishing process quick, safe and simple. It’s best practice to use a separate mop for each different grade of polishing compound. The mops, felt wheels etc should always be used in order, working from coarse to fine compound. With each mop etc mounted on its own 'Twist n Fix' Arbor you can change them in an instant.

Steel Slip Plate

When sharpening certain tools, such as wide flat bevels, it helps to have a firmer surface. This simple piece of thin steel clips onto the platen of the Ultimate Edge and covers the graphite slip plate. While the graphite slip plate helps the abrasive belt move evenly, there are times when a firmer surface may be required and this robust plate provides that in an instant.

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Wheels and Mops for the Ultimate Edge

Polishing mops and felt wheels should always be used in order, working from a coarse to a fine compound.

Rubber Sharpening and Honing Wheel

These rubber bonded abrasive wheels are cooler cutting and offer a good finish. They are very versatile and can be used for sharpening, deburring and finishing.

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Nylon Abrasive Wheels

These wheels are very useful as the initial part of the metal polishing process. Each abrasive wheel consists of four discs of non-woven nylon, coated with aluminium oxide abrasive.


The medium grade (approx 180g) is good for reviving tarnished tools or the initial cleaning of metal prior to further surface refinement or polishing.

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The fine (green) grade (approx 360g) will impart a satin finish onto the metal surface, which can be a finish in itself or further refined using polishing mops and compounds.

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The coarse (brown) grade (approx 80g) will remove paint and heavy rust from metal and can be quite aggressive.

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Felt Wheels

The finest edge you can get on any tool is with a strop or a felt wheel. Made from compressed wool, felt wheels have excellent resilience and are long lasting.


Hard felt is the better choice for finishing the bevel on a plane iron or bevel edge chisel. The hard face of the wheel ensures even polishing of the flat bevel without rounding over the edge.

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The medium grade felt is a good choice for final edge polishing of both straight-edged tools and tools with gently curved profiles. It gives excellent results on plane irons and carving gouges with wide sweeps. A medium felt wheel is still very firm, but is more suitable for carving tools where a very small amount of deformation is desirable to accommodate a slight curvature.

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This soft felt wheel is able to deform slightly, enabling you to hone the edge of tools with tighter curves. Soft is a relative term; as the felt is still firm enough to produce a razor sharp edge as well as adapting to the shape of the tool.

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These 100mm diameter stitched sisal mops have leather centre washers and 12mm bore for mounting onto the Ultimate Edge Twist n Fix arbor.

Sisal Polishing Mop

More aggressive than a standard stitched mop, sisal mops combined with the correct compound will polish out grinding marks caused from previous abrasive applications.

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Standard Stitched Polishing Mop

Stitching produces a mop with a firmer face; a stitched mop's normal usage is in the first and second (if required) stages of the polishing process. For best results use a separate mop for each different compound. They are best used for second stage polishing of steel, stainless steel and iron.

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Loose Fold Polishing Mop

These mops consist of layered cotton material left unstitched for a softer working surface. Use these mops with the finest compounds for final polishing and high glossing on steel and stainless steel. They are the mop of choice for first stage and final finishing of non-ferrous metals such as brass and copper.

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First Class

This is the kind of thing I've been after for years, it's quick, easy to change belts which means that belt changes are more likely to happen and efficient. I pondered long enough because of the price, but now believe its the best money I've ever spent on a sharpening system and I've had a lot of different sharpening systems!

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