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Knowing which battery to buy can be a daunting task but it need not be. With various different batteries available, find out more about the difference between them all so you are able to choose the Bosch battery to suit your individual requirements.

Bosch ECP

Bosch Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) is built in to Bosch batteries to guard against overloading, overheating and deep discharge. It is also great for intelligent power management and ensures a longer lifetime.

  • Protection against overload
    The tool is shut down if the battery pack is put under excessive load.
  • Protection against overheating
    The electronics intervene and shut down the tool before the battery heats up excessively.
  • Protection against deep discharge
    The ECP ensures that the battery is not deeply discharged, therefore protecting it against irreparable damage.

Lithium-ion (Li-Ion) Batteries

The latest Li-Ion technology allows this battery to be charged unusually quickly. It also permits the battery to be topped up at any time, even if its charge level is still quite high, with no reduction in lifetime.

Thanks to the Bosch exclusive ECP (Electronic Cell Protection) technology, a Bosch lithium-ion battery will never overheat. If the battery gets too hot during discharge, the ECP actively manages the performance of the tool until the battery has reached the optimum working temperature again. This means that there is no risk of overheating. Furthermore, Bosch has developed a heat conductive housing (Bosch Heat Management), which transfers the heat from the inside to the outside of the battery pack for added safety.
In comparison to older style batteries, Li-Ion batteries have a higher energy density compared to NiCd/NiMH batteries. Lithium-ion cells have about three times the voltage of nickel cells, which means that one lithium-ion cell makes up for 3 nickel cells. In essence, the Li-Ion battery pack is lighter in weight due to its build structure.

CoolPack Batteries

These batteries feature Bosch CoolPack technology; a passive cell cooling system. This refers to the process of optimally dissipating heat which in turn causes temperature reduction. This allows for better performance and a greatly improved run time. You'll also enjoy an increased lifetime by up to 100 per cent compared to Li-Ion batteries without CoolPack. Finally, one of the greatest benefits of Bosch CoolPack batteries is that you only need to stop when the job is done.

The new generation of Bosch batteries

ProCORE18V Batteries

A new dimension of power for all Bosch Professional 18V power tools. The ProCORE18V batteries 4.0Ah, 8.0Ah and 12.0Ah are Bosch's most powerful batteries ever. This is thanks to the latest cell technology and superior heat management.

Compact 4.0Ah Batteries

All the power of a conventional battery but without the weight. This type of Bosch battery is ideal for all drilling and screwdriving applications where a lower weight comes in handy. Up to 39% more compact and noticeably lighter than comparable batteries of its class, the latest cell technology of the ProCORE18V 4.0Ah delivers just as much power as a standard 4.0Ah battery.

Bosch ProCORE batteries
High power batteries now available

Performance 8.0Ah Batteries

These batteries have the perfect balance between weight and power. As a high performance battery, whenever you need high power over a long period, this is the perfect battery to use. The ProCORE18V 8.0Ah delivers fantastic performance despite its compact size. It is 30% smaller than comparable high performance batteries which means it offers the highest energy density in its class.

In terms of power, it is comparable to corded tools of up to 1600W. The ProCORE18V 8.0 Ah offers approximately 90% more power than the previous 18 volt 6.0 Ah battery. This significant power increase is thanks to an improved cell design and measures taken to minimise internal resistances. Overall, this improves efficiency.

Next, Bosch has optimised its proven CoolPack technology even further. This means that this high-performance battery can handle higher power demand over a longer period. It also helps to substantially prolong the battery's lifetime compared to a conventional battery. Heat dissipation from the inside out is maximised in this technology by the synergy between several components. The housing and the heat sinks in the interior are manufactured from high-density polyethylene. Both the material and the special design facilitate better heat dissipation. This aims to maximise the surface area.

Lastly, the battery is designed without any internal spacing. This ensures the heat it produces is not caught in the interior. Improved cell connectors made from copper provides lower resistances and more power as a result. The battery pack has special openings for heat dissipation during the charging process as well. This cooling feature means that the battery can be charged very quickly. The five-level LED display allows tradespeople to keep the charge level of the under control at all times.

Endurance 12.0Ah Batteries

Enjoy maximum performance and run-time with this beast of a battery! This type of Bosch battery allows you to work with maximum power for an exceptionally long time. It is ideal for extreme applications as it delivers every ounce of power out of your tools. Thanks to the triple-layered cell structure of the ProCORE18V 12.0Ah, the Endurance 12.0Ah battery delivers performance as powerful as that of corded tools.

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