Drilling Accessories from FISCH

Based in Austria, FISCH have been producing quality cutting tools and drilling accessories for all of the leading power tool brands since 1946. CNC machined to provide sharp edges and perfect alignment for greater accuracy, highest grade steel is ground in one piece for maximum strength. One of the biggest benefits of FISCH drilling accessories is that you will enjoy drilling repeatedly clean, precisely aligned holes, each and every time.

Below we explore a selection of different drilling accessories from FISCH, notably their wave Forstner bits and sawtooth bits.

FISCH Wave Forstner Bits

Cut quickly, reduce heat build-up and improve chip ejection.
With its unique 'wave' cutter design, these bits boast many benefits when compared to a more traditional Forstner bit. The serrated 'wave' edge generates considerably less heat. It also allows cutting speeds to be increased with less effort needed to achieve each hole. For the best results, FISCH Wave Forstner Bits are best used in a pillar drill.

Available in a range of metric and imperial sizes. Metric sizes have 8mm shanks up to 30mm diameter and 10mm shanks thereafter.

FISCH Wave 5 Piece Forstner Bit Set
This five piece metric set comprises 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35mm Forstner bits in a handy wooden box.

Featured Set

FISCH Forstner Bit Extensions

Drill deeper with your Forstner bit.
Two 330mm extensions for FISCH wave cutter Forstner bits; one fitting 8mm shanked bits and one fitting 10mm shanks.

Choose from these options

FISCH Multi-Function Wave Cutter Forstner Sets

Delivers precise drilling at extreme angles.
With an exchangeable centring tip, choose from either a stand centre point or a 4mm pilot hole. The shank has three flats for secure chucking in a 3-jaw chuck, and easy installation of extensions. Choose from two sets, both shown below.

Multi-Function Wave Cutter Set - 5 Piece
This boxed set comprises 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35mm bits, a 93mm extension, 2 centring tips, 2 x 4mm pilot drill bits and a dismantling tool.

5 Piece Set

Multi-Function Wave Cutter Set - 17 Piece
This boxed set comprises 15, 20, 22, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50mm bits, 150mm and 250mm extensions, 2 centring tips, 2 x 4mm pilot drill bits, an adaptor and a dismantling tool.

17 Piece Set

FISCH Wave Forstner and Premium Plug Cutter Sets

Accurately produce a hole and plug with an interference fit.
Choose from a range of super handy sets below. Available in 15, 20, 25 and 30mm diameter sets, with 13mm shank plug cutter and a 8mm shank Forstner. Available in metric diameters only.

15mm to 30mm Diameter Sets

There is also a 35mm diameter set available. Comes complete with a 16mm shank plug cutter and a diameter set with a 16mm shank plug cutter and a 10mm shank Forstner.

FISCH Sawtooth bits

Drill angled holes, overlapping holes and holes at close centres.
The range of Multi-Spur Sawtooth Bits by FISCH produce excellent results when boring holes at an angle or at close centres on all types of timber. Overlapping holes are also easily produced.

The sawtooth bits are suitable for all applications, including both across and along the grain. The dual purpose functionality of these bits helps with faster end grain cutting (with grain) which is always difficult to drill.

What's more, another benefit is the bits are easily sharpened. Finally, they will not choke which means you can use them for longer periods of time. Available in a range of both metric and imperial sizes.

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