With over 80 years of experience, Hermes are one of the UK's leading suppliers in coated and bonded abrasives. While some companies focus on one industry, Hermes continue to innovate across the board. So whether you are woodturning or decorating, palm sanding or polishing, they will have an abrasive for you.

Hermes AbrasivesAbrasive Types

Hermes have categorised each of their abrasives into certain types, such as RB 377 YX and BW 110 to name a few. With such a large range there are many different types available. This guide will take you through the different types and their key features, as well as the best application and form of delivery. This will enable you to make the right decision on the abrasive you need, in as quick a time as possible.


A stable and flexible abrasive paper, BW110 has an anti-static and semi-open structure that reduces the risk of loading. The aluminium oxide grain allows for good stock removal, even at low pressures, whilst providing a decent sanding pattern.


  • Especially suited for sanding all types of veneer and hardwoods
  • Can sand a wide range of materials without changing the abrasive belt
  • Is suitable to use on a range of materials - wood, metal, lacquers and composites

Available in discs, rolls and belts


A heavy duty, tear resistant abrasive paper that offers very high stock removal rates, especially on soft woods. Being tear resistant, BW114 can sand at very high pressures, while the open coating reduces clogging.


  • Economic, mechanical surface sanding of wooden materials, primer, filler and lacquer
  • Especially suitable for calibrating wooden material
  • Great for intermediate sanding of lacquer

Available in wide belts

FL 390 Eco

The strong zirconia grain on a glass fibre backing makes these discs last up to 10 times longer than conventional fibre discs.


  • Universal use for all metal materials
  • Particularly effective for rust removal and general finishing

Available in flap discs

HSB belts

HSB belts are high performance, aluminum oxide belts made especially for handheld and portable sanders.  The synthetic resin bond ensures excellent grit adhesion whilst keeping high stock removal rates.


  • Very suitable for woods and metals
  • Can also be used on lacquers and composite materials
  • Universally applicable on handheld machines

Available in belts

RB 346 J-flex

A very flexible aluminum oxide abrasive cloth that has a high strength bonding system, improving abrasive life. High flexibility lends itself very well to contour and profile sanding.


  • Especially suited to profile grinding
  • Grinding of brass, steel, zinc castings and aluminium alloys
  • Can also be used on woods

Available in rolls and strips

RB 377 YX

One of our more popular Hermes abrasive types, RB 377 YX is a semi-flexible aluminium oxide abrasive. The special grain mix provides very high stock removal, while the cloth backing ensures smooth running for belts.


  • Ideally used for metal but can also be used on wood, lacquers and composites
  • Centreless grinding of tubes, rollers and bars on stationary belt grinders
  • Deburring of steel and stainless steel
  • Universal use for wet and dry grinding

Available in belts and rolls

RB 406 J-flex

Widely regarded as the 'ultimate abrasive', RB 406 is a highly flexible aluminium oxide abrasive. The J-flex cloth backing means it's perfect for contoured pieces while the active ingredient coating reduces heat build up, prolonging the abrasive life.

RB 406


  • Refining and polishing of metals, especially high alloy steels and stainless steel
  • Very popular with woodturners due to high flexibility
  • Great for grinding shapes, outlines, profiles and radii

Available in rolls and sheets

RB 414 X

High performance fibre discs with 100% zirconia grains that are highly durable and give very good stock removal.


  • For grinding C-steels, stainless steel and non-ferrous metal alloys
  • Cleaning and rust removal
  • Can also be used on composites

Available in discs

SF 168

A silicon carbide abrasive paper with an extremely flexible backing, SF 168 is great for all aspects of hand finishing. The longlife, open coating increases tool life and prevents clogging.

SF 168


  • Intermediate and fine sanding in preparation for painting
  • Especially good results on lacquer intermediate sanding
  • Universally applicable for coarse, intermediate and fine sanding of wooden surfaces

Available in sheets

VC 151 - Longlife (Multihole)

Hermes flagship abrasive; Multihole uses patented technology to provide you with an abrasive that sands very cleanly. The calcium stearate coating prevents clogging while the continuous extraction of dust prolongs tool life, gives a better surface finish and, more importantly, reduces the risk to your health.


  • Grinding of aluminium components
  • Sanding on a range of materials such as lacquers, composites and softwoods
  • Discs can be used on all conventional backing pads and orbital sanders

Available in rolls, sheets and discs

WS flex 16

A highly flexible, waterproof paper with a silicon carbide grain that is perfect for final preparation work.


  • Primarily used in the automotive industry for car body work
  • Great for sanding primer, filler and lacquers
  • Can be used wet or dry

Available in sheets

FB 637 SK

Looking for a unique way of sharpening your hand tools to get that 'scary sharp' edge? Look no further than FB 637. The highly tear resistant film is resistant to compression, making it ideal for precision grinding.

FB 637 SK


  • Ideal for sharpening hand tools
  • Can also be used to flatten the soles of bench planes


Designed to do exactly what they say, Multi-clean discs are an abrasive web with silicon carbide, on a fiberglass backing. The strong open web structure prolongs tool life and prevents clogging.


  • Great for removing rust, paint, lacquer and primer
  • Also good for cleaning and deburring all kinds of metallic workpieces

Available in discs

Webrax Hand Pads

Available in a variety of grades, Webrax is a non-woven web of nylon fibres with either an aluminium oxide or silicon carbide grain bonded to it. The open web structure prevents clogging and the flexibility allows use on all contoured surfaces.


  • Cleaning, de-nibbing, rust removal and smoothing prior to painting
  • White non abrasive as a carrier for other abrasive mediums
  • Mainly used on metals but can also be used on wood, lacquer and composites

Available in pads

As far as abrasive ranges go, you won't find many that are as complete as Hermes. With 16 different types available, we're sure that you will find one for you and we hope this guide has gone some way to helping you do just that.

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