An Introduction to Mitre Saws

Powered mitre saws can be used for a number of different tasks. In recent years, they have fast become a workshop/site must-have, thanks to the various features and applications covered. Mitre saws accurately crosscut with presets that include all common angle settings. What's more, they offer the fastest and easiest way to cut angles as well as compound angles. Many mitre saws now also have a trenching facility which means you can produce housing joints and tenons with ease etc.

Bosch Mitre Saw


  • Crosscut boards to length
  • Cornice mitre joints
  • Picture frames
  • Box jointing etc.

Build Quality

Build quality is also a major factor of any mitre saw. A high build quality will give high accuracy for every cut whilst delivering the best results in terms of safety.

At first glance, the choice of mitre saws can be daunting for some. From simple ‘chop’ style machines to what are now the most common slide mitre saws, there's plenty to choose from. Furthermore, the Bosch Axial Glide Mitre Saw uses a hinge style system for even greater capacity in width and depth of cut.

Accuracy is also very important. A mitre saw has to be accurate and have positive settings so there is no movement when cutting. Care must be taken in use as with any machine and the work held firmly to avoid it grabbing.


To choose the correct mitre saw for your needs it is important to decide on the capacity you will require. In doing so, this will narrow down your choice. Saws are generally categorised into blade size. For instance, a Bosch GCM8SJL is a 216mm (8”) blade whilst a GCM12SDE is a 305mm (12”) blade. Other manufacturers have different blade sizes so you will need to do some research and see what the stated capacities are on the individual machines.


Firstly, all mitre saws are fitted with scales for table adjustment with preset indents so you can do fast repetitive cuts. Many also allow you to adjust for other angles when required. Table adjustment is done from the front of the machine.

Bosch Mitre SawIn terms of bevel angles, these are achieved by tilting the head. It is important to check as some mitre saws feature a double bevel tilt, whereas some only tilt in one direction. With this in mind, if you are using a mitre saw for something like an intricate moulding it will not be so easy if the machine has only a single bevel.

Next, lasers show exactly where the blade will cut. This is not only very beneficial but also saves time. Some lasers require manual adjustment, however many are preset.

Furthermore, an adjustable depth stop is also a great advantage as it allows for trenching. This is particularly useful for tenoning or housing joints.

A length stop is also fitted to some machines to limit the length of travel.

Work hold downs are also very important and supplied on many models. These allow you to secure the work whilst keeping hands well away from the blade.

Bosch Double Bevel Mitre Saw

Mitre Saw StandWork Support

It is very important to ensure your work is supported correctly. If and when you need to increase the table length, many models are fitted with pull out extensions or bars.

Next, we recommend the use of a dedicated mitre saw stand with supports. At the very least, opt for a mitre saw with roller support stands.

For workshop use, the mitre saw can be conveniently built into a bench system. This will allow for repetitive cuts.

A great accessory is the UJK Technology Track and Stop Kit which takes the guesswork out of repeat cutting of wood to length.

For added flexibility, you can use the kit with a mitre saw, radial arm saw or a drill press.

UJK Technology Track & Stop Kit

Also be aware if you are building into a dedicated mitre saw bench that some need room behind for the park position. In contrast, some no longer require this due to the rail design which allows the saw to be put flush against a wall.

Dust Extraction

A dust outlet is also now fitted to many mitre saws and where possible, connect to a suitable dust extractor.

Bosch Mitre Saws

Mitre Saw Blades

The type of blade fitted is also very important when choosing a mitre saw. Mitre saw blades are available with different tooth formations to cut not only solid wood and manmade board but also aluminium and plastics.

To guarantee the best results, it is important to learn the correct techniques to ensure you use the machine in the most productive and efficient way.

Bosch Mitre Saw Blade

Bosch Mitre Saw

More Hints and Tips

Check the Accuracy

It is essential to check the accuracy of your mitre saw once you've purchased it. This is because they can sometimes come out of alignment during the delivery process. Furthermore, if you are experiencing any kickbacks, (when the saw physically kicks back after you hit a knot in the timber), it is advisable to check the accuracy again. For best practice, it is recommended to periodically check your mitre saw as it can come out of alignment if used frequently.

Bosch Mitre Saws

Putting Your Safety First

If you are using a mitre saw it is essential that you use adequate safety equipment at all times. This is because mitre saws can be quite hazardous if you don't wear the correct safety equipment. With this in mind, it is important to always wear the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when working with a mitre saw.

Perform Regular Maintenance

To ensure your mitre saw works as efficiently and effectively as possible, proper maintenance is essential. This is imperative in terms of safety but it is also important to ensure the mitre saw does not malfunction. Dull blades and broken parts can lead to very serious, possibly even life-threatening injuries if left unsorted. To avoid this happening, regular routine maintenance checks are necessary. Replace any broken parts and lubricate them occasionally to avoid any malfunction. By doing so, your mitre saw will be far more reliable and you'll reduce your chance of injury while using it.

User Manuals

Struggling to operate your new mitre saw? Panic not. Find your mitre saw on our Axminster website and view/ download the user manual. If you have any questions about any of our Bosch mitre saws, why not get in touch with one of our Axminster Experts? Either pop into your local Axminster store and chat with our experienced sales advisors, call our dedicated Customer Services team for advice or talk to us through our Online Chat function on our website. As always, you can get in touch and ask questions via any of our social media platforms. We are here to help you!

Mitre Saws Roundup

Widely used in the construction industry and by woodworkers, the Bosch mitre saw range offers a versatile selection of models that cover all types of budget and tasks.

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