It's finally here... the UK's soon to be most wanted table saw

As many people know, the table saw is the heart and soul of every woodworking workshop. Designed to make straight cuts, the table saw is used for virtually every woodworking project. Therefore, the need for accuracy and precision is essential. The new Axminster AT254TS gives you these essential elements; encompassing unique features of its own and high quality features typically found on higher priced machines. The strong, rigid and powerful body is only the start of this super smart saw; with new optional sets and accessories, you’re also able to rout and make dado cuts!

Axminster Trade Table Saw Shown With Optional Accessories
AT254TS Table Saw Shown Here With Optional Accessories
Axminster Trade Table Saw

Did someone mention Dado?

It’s a term we hear a lot from our customers. Finally, we are able to introduce a machine that has the capabilities to fit and power a Dado Blade Set.

Dado, stacking set, dadoing, there are many terms to describe the u-shaped style cut made across a workpiece grain. Made up of two TCT saw blades and six chipper blades, the Dado Blade Set is an optional accessory and enables you to achieve exceptional tongue and groove slots.

Dado blade

Dado Blade

The Overhead Crown Guard accessory ensures this feature complies with all current Health & Safety regulations. Plus, the quick release catch feature makes it simple to switch out the riving knife for the dado set.

Dado Blade

Axminster Recommends

When using the Dado Blade Set we highly recommend the use of the Overhead Crown Guard; to ensure the blade is effectively guarded (for additional safe use guidelines please see this HSE publication).

Exceptional build quality

From the deep section cast iron table to the widely spaced trunnions, the AT254TS Table Saw includes quality features typically found on much more expensive machines. The whole saw’s design centres around a laser cut, heavy duty welded steel chassis, supporting the entire workings of the machine on widely spaced trunnions.

Axminster Trade Table Saw build quality

A massive, curved iron casting supports the motor and blade arbour, giving huge rigidity and blade support. In addition, the chrome cast handles give you a quality feel whilst also allowing for super smooth blade adjustments.

At the heart of the machine, there is a triple V-belt drive which powers the smooth, quiet running, induction American Leeson motor. American Leeson is a brand well known in the United States for its high quality. The 2.2kW TEFC induction motor is braked for safe, swift stopping and provides enough power to handle thicker, harder material.

Axminster Trade Table Saw build quality

Use the table saw as a router table

The complete workstation means you’ll have somewhere to put your coffee cup! The extension table is recessed to incorporate a router table insert and is compatible with the optional UJK Router Elevator or more basic UJK Router Insert. The optional Router Table Fence is strong and fully adjustable. Plus, it fits straight into the twin 19mm parallel T slots machined into the table's surface. What's more there is a separate dust extraction point for the router which helps control the dust.

Axminster Trade Table Saw used as Router Table

The Router Table Fence works well with the AT254TS table saw or you can purchase it separately for use on a custom-made router table.

Once set it'll stay square!

The full-length rip fence has a ‘T’ square style mounting design and is fully adjustable to give you greater control and support the material being cut. When you make an adjustment to the fence, you can lock it in place and know that it'll stay in place until you need to adjust it again. Plus, made of solid steel, the fence slides effortlessly across the table.

Replace the standard kerf plate with the Zero Clearance

For use only when the blade is at 0°, the Zero Clearance Insert sits extremely close, a mere 0.5mm from the blade. As well as preventing the waste from dropping beneath the table it also helps support smaller work, allowing finer cuts. Supplied un-cut (as shown in the image to the right), you cut the slot with the saw blade for a perfect fit!

ZC-10 Zero Clearance Insert

Accessories for your AT254TS Table Saw Workstation

The new Axminster Trade range

This summer we saw the Axminster Trade range undergo an upgrade as new machines were introduced to the family. Surpassing the expectation of the trade user, each new machine boasts quality features, typically found on industrial rated machines, but at affordable prices for the trade user. Read our insightful guide to learn more about these new machines.

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