Looking to try some new decorative techniques to elevate your woodturning, then look no further than this zebra inspired bowl.

Watch our Woodworking Wisdom demo with Jason Breach, where he shows you how to use a few simple tools and ebonising lacquer to enhance natural timber colours, and create a unique zebra effect on your workpieces.  

Decorative techniques to try

This particular decorative technique is perfect to add some artistic flair to a pale timber bowl. 

Perfect for beginners, and using a few basic tools, you can elevate a simple timber, such as sycamore, to create an artistic finish.  

This zebra pattern bowl is simple enough for any novice to try and yet creates an elegant and impressive end result. 

Achieve the look

To achieve this zebra look simply cut some small pieces of masking tape into thin shapes and place on your bowl, mimicking zebra stripes.

Once happy with your stripe design, use a black ebonising lacquer, spaying in a gentle, even motion back and forth across the surface. Spray a light layer and repeat when dry.

Once fully dry, carefully peel back the tape to reveal the pale timber beneath to create the full zebra stripe effect.

Zebra Bowl

Show us your bowl

This technique is not only limited to creating zebra stripes. Let your creativity run wild and try different shapes and finishes to create numerous effects.

If you have had a go at making Jason’s Zebra bowl, then we would love to see it. Share with us your images on social media by tagging @axminstertools on Instagram or Facebook. Or email us at woodworkingwisdom@axminstertools.com