Festool Plunge Saws - New in 2021

Festool has done it again! 2021 brought us the TSC 55 KEB and TS 55-FEQ plunge saws, both with new and innovative features which enhance the performance of the saws. In this blog, we take a closer look at the features and benefits of both saws.

TSC 55 KEB Plunge Saw - Cordless

Perhaps the most noteworthy feature of the TSC 55 KEB plunge saw is the brand new kickback stop. This innovative feature adds an extra element of safety to the plunge saw when plunging or sawing and protects not only yourself but your workpiece as well. If the kickback stop is triggered, the saw will be ready to use again straight away. It requires no replacement parts to continue with your work.

The new TSC 55 KEB plunge saw takes a 1.8mm thin kerf blade. This combined with the saw's exceptional torque and 18V battery power allows you to work at up to twice the speed a previous model would. Furthermore, the brushless EC-TEC motor in this plunge saw paired with a Festool lithium-ion battery ensures maximum power.

Other features and benefits:

  • Dust-free working is virtually guaranteed, thanks to the option of a dust bag, or extractor with Bluetooth® automatic switch on.
  • If you are working on an uneven surface without a guide rail, you can disable the kickback stop.
  • The cutting range from 90 to 47 degrees remains even with the plunge saw on an angle, ensuring precise cuts.
  • There is a dual cutting depth scale with large font and precision adjustment, making exact cuts easy.
  • Incorporating the FastFix blade changing system, it is easy to change to your desired plunge saw blade.
  • A transparent sliding view window allows you a good view of the saw blade.

There are lots of available accessories and, combined with Festool's accessories, this is a very efficient and clean plunge saw system.

TS 55-FEQ PLUS Plunge Saw - Corded

When someone comes up with a more efficient way of woking, we at Axminster Tools are all ears. The new TS 55-FEQ Plus plunge saw incorporates concentrated torque, increased speed and the new 1.8mm thin kerf blade to allow you to work up to twice as fast as with a previous model. The 1.8mm thin kerf blade removes less material, allowing it to move faster through your workpiece.

Other features and benefits:

  • There is a spring loaded guide wedge in front of the blade for extra safety and improved handling.
  • The cutting range from 90 to 47 degrees remains even with the saw on an angle, ensuring precise cuts.
  • A transparent sliding view window allows you a good view of the saw blade.
  • Accuracy is guaranteed with this plunge saw, thanks to the full range of angles available; -1 degree to 47 degrees including undercuts.
  • The FastFix blade changing system is a key feature of this saw, making it quick and easy to select the perfect blade for your project.
  • The depth scale ensures setting your cutting depth is simple.
  • The plunge saw housing is slimline, allowing you to cut 12mm from the wall.

This is an extremely versatile, powerful plunge saw which would be the perfect assistant either on site or in your workshop.

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