Disc Sanders

One of the oldest styles of sanders and the first on our list is a disc sander. Made up of a circular abrasive paper, mounted on a circular plate; a disc sander is ideal for end grain work. It is also great if you want to shape subtle round corners or remove large amounts of material quickly. The work is supported by a flat table which sits in front of the abrasive disc. In addition, with the majority of our disc sanders, the support table features a mitre slot to enable you to achieve straight or angled end grain work. Disc sanders are great for a large variety of smaller projects and are not intended for large projects such as sanding cupboard doors.

Great value for money, the Axminster Workshop AW300DS Disc Sander is a great addition to the smaller workshop. Alongside a quiet induction motor, the sander features a cast iron table with a ground top surface. The Workshop sander is also supplied with a mitre fence, with two faces at 90° making it ideal if you want to saw mitres.

A step up from the Workshop sander is the Professional AP305DS Disc Sander. Bench mounted like the Workshop model for easy storage, this sander is made of thick gauge steel construction throughout, for strength and stability whilst in use.

Disc sander

Drum Sanders

Want a fine finish? Not intended to be used as a thicknesser; the drum sander consists of an abrasive material which is spirally wound onto a rotating drum to produce a fine finish. Feed the workpiece steadily through the machine to perfectly sand the material to correspond with the loading grit wound onto the drum. Suited to a variety of large sanding tasks, the drum sander is commonly used by furniture makers to sand table tops, doors and windows.

In addition, a drum sander will also give an even finish to a jointed framework, joined panels and cabinet doors. Although the initial outlay for a drum sander can be a lot, the long list of tasks the machine will undergo will soon make it worth the expense. Our great selection of drum abrasives (loadings) will ensure you get the finish you desire!

Next, a top of the range model is our Axminster Professional AP940DDS. This sander features a powerful 5.5kW motor, twin drums made from aluminium castings and a digital readout scale to ensure accuracy. The AP940DDS is a robust, dependable machine, perfect for a busy professional workshop.

Drum sander

Belt and Disc Sanders

Lastly, one of the most useful style sanders - the belt and disc. A great option for the small trade or home workshop where they won’t be used constantly. The machine combines two tools in one; it takes up minimum space and enables you to carry out a multitude of sanding tasks.

A welcome addition to any home workshop - the AW200BDS machine is neatly designed to combine a 100mm belt and 200mm disc sander. Bench mounted to take up even less space; both the disc and belt functions have a decent sized work table which tilts making it ideal for bevel work.

Belt & disc sander

Accessorise your machine

Like all machines, a sander is only as good as the abrasives and accessories you team it with. But we also understand the finish you want to achieve is personal and therefore list an extensive range of abrasive types and grits to ensure you get the finish you want.

Prolong the life of your belt and disc sanders with this abrasive cleaning stick. Simply apply the cleaning stick gently to the moving abrasive and it cleans the belt almost like new!

Power Sanders

Want a silky smooth finish? If you want an ultra-fine finish for your workpiece, consider a power sander. Read this helpful guide to learn more about the different style sanders we have available.