Shaper Tools Origin Handheld Precision CNC Router - achieve unparalleled accuracy and flexibility

Designed and engineered by Shaper and assembled by Festool in Germany, this machine puts all the benefits and advantages of CNC routing into any workshop.

Based in San Francisco with offices in Stuttgart, Germany, Shaper was founded in 2012 with a mission of developing a revolutionary line of computer-augmented power tools, beginning first with a handheld CNC router called Origin. Designed in San Francisco, every part of the process is perfect. With such high attention to detail, it may not surprise you to learn that their sister company is Festool. Shaper's SM-1 spindle was designed with Festool, according to Shaper specifications, and is manufactured in Germany.

The Shaper Origin takes an innovative approach to CNC routing. Easy to use, versatile and flawlessly accurate, Shaper Tools have managed to create a machine that will change the way you approach your workpiece. Featuring a very clear 5.5' high-resolution screen, you can enjoy an exceptional routing experience. Unlike a normal CNC machine, the Origin can be brought to your site or workshop and packed away in an easy, portable systainer case. Space is no issue with this machine!

Using 'ShaperTape' as its unique tracking system, the Origin scans the individual domino-like squares and knows where you are when making your cuts. This means you can lay your Shaper Tape on almost any surface, and away you go. You can create your own designs or or import designs from Shaper Labs - a forum available to all Shaper Tools customers. The clear screen displays the path of your design and guides you through the lines perfectly.

Possibly our favourite feature of the Origin is the automatic cut correction. If you stray too far from the design line, the Origin lifts the cutter and will not let you continue until you reposition. All Origin owners will have access to the Shaper Hub where you can access designs, for enhanced creativity in your projects.

This really is an incredible machine, but if you need more convincing, why not sign up to our webinar? LIVE from 6pm BST Tuesday 10th May 2022.

Shaper Pro - an extended warranty with a dedicated, prioritised phone line and Hot Swap tool replacement.

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