The Axminster Workshop APF 10 Evolution Powered Respirator: the answer to all your respiratory needs. Providing a lightweight and ergonomic solution for protection in dusty environments, it’s an essential for applications in woodturning and power woodworking, as well as other dusty spaces.

Key features

Superior Protection

First and foremost, this mask has a rating of Assigned Protection Factor (APF) 10 providing a cooling comfortable flow of air at the rate of 160L a minute. Featuring a FFP2 filter which is a particulate filter, you’ll be sufficiently protected against dust particles when working long hours. As it is powered, it has a motor unit situated above your face that supplies filtered air over your face and away from your airways. Unlike negative pressure face respirators, where you can often breathe contaminated air back into your facepiece, this positive pressure respirator eliminates that problem. With a process such as this, you can be assured that air won’t be stagnant in your mask, will always flow outward and it also prohibits misting from occurring.


Not only can you take comfort from its protection factor, you’ll be made to feel more comfortable with its adjustable straps and lightweight design. The Axminster Workshop APF 10 Evolution Powered Respirator can simply be adjusted to suit each individual by adjusting a small buckle at the back of the cap. Work freely for extended hours with a comfortable fit without feeling heavy or restricted, thanks to its light weight of only 680g. You will also find it doesn’t restrict your head movements like other masks, enabling you to fully engage in your woodwork without feeling constricted and it's well balanced; with the motor at the front and the filter at the back.

Without compromising on comfort, you can add further protection with ear defenders and eye wear, which are compatible with this mask. Furthermore, the face shield protects against medium energy, high speed particles along with liquid droplets. Lastly, you’ll avoid any bumps and scrapes with the hardened cap and can wear your usual glasses, without running into any problems.

Work Without Limitations

Work a full day without worry of being cut short. With an 8 hour battery life, the Axminster Workshop APF 10 Evolution Powered Respirator can assist you all day in the workshop. For added functionality, the LED display will notify you when battery life is depleting (red), as well as when it is fully charged (green). For maximum performance of the respirator, we advise that you allow the battery to fully run down before recharging. So don’t be shy to remain protected all day!

For extended performance and longevity, you can quite easily inspect and replace the filters with a twist and lock system, as well as cleaning the bump cap’s outer cover when you need to clean it. It is recommended that you wear Big Blue Ear Defenders alongside the respirator for ultimate comfort and protection.

It’s a winner

Combine protection with comfort and equip yourself with the Axminster APF 10 Evolution Powered Respirator. It’s time to hang up the well-loved dust masks and invest in quality equipment, designed to protect your lungs for life. Don't forget that Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) should not be used as the only means of dust control when working in dusty environments or producing dust waste. Complement this measure with our comprehensive range of dust extraction machines in order to fully protect your lungs.

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