An innovative approach to creating cutting and workholding stations, our UJK Parf Mk II Guide System really is an invaluable tool, allowing you to produce your own cutting station in just 30 minutes! Based on Pythagoras' Theorem, this system is perfectly accurate and can help you to work more efficiently.

We love the UJK Parf Mk II Guide System, but we thought our customers would appreciate reviews from external professionals. Next in our Parf series is none other than Matthew Smith from Badger Workshop!

A bit about Matthew

Matthew founded Badger Workshop in 2016 and since then has developed huge popularity on social media. He now has over 41,000 followers on YouTube and this number seems to be continually growing. Matthew likes to work with reclaimed or recycled materials, meaning he produces unique works and aims to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

The review

"What impressed me about the UJK Parf System MK2, is how quick it is to use and how you can make any sized bench you want."

Badger Workshop

Matthew Smith

Check out Matthew's YouTube channel for more amazing videos!

Parf Accessories

Some of our Parf accessory highlights include dogs, rail clips, surface cam clamps, wedges and accessory kits - all designed to further enhance your cutting and work holding.

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