William Garvey Furniture Makers began with one man’s inspiration nearly 50 years ago. Founder and original maker of the company, Bill, pursued his passion for making which stemmed from his bespoke cigar and jewellery boxes.

It was these creations that sparked the beginning of William Garvey Furniture Makers as we know them today.

Over the years Bill has carefully selected and grown his talented team to 31 people, including 16 highly skilled makers. It is this exceptionally knowledgeable team that create the beautiful furniture projects in houses, businesses and even superyachts, all over the world.

William Garvey Furniture Makers
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Experts in bespoke furniture

The range of projects that William Garvey Furniture Makers create is what sets them apart. From bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, libraries and spas through to smaller individual free-standing furniture projects such as desks, credenzas, dining tables. All of which can utilise bespoke designs for each individual piece.

William Garvey Furniture Makers are most recognisable for their wooden bathtubs, sinks, basins and even hot tubs, although this is only a small percentage of what they create.

This idea was researched by Bill himself and has been perfected to become a beautiful yet practical addition to hundreds of bathrooms over the years. Wooden bathroom furniture is made to last a lifetime and has even proved to be a favourite of the makers themselves.

William Garvey Furniture and Axminster

William Garvey Furniture Makers pride themselves on being transparent with their customers and delivering products to meet their customer needs and timescales. This is where Axminster comes in. Axminster has been a key supplier to William Garvey Furniture Makers for over 20 years.

We only use trusted suppliers that we know we can rely on, to ensure that our reputation stays at its constantly high level. Axminster provides extremely prompt delivery as well as competitive pricing and products that work as they are supposed to.

Alongside all the products that we buy from Axminster, we also get good advice on tools and machinery to improve productivity from Axminster's Technical Consultants

In particular, the Lamello Tenso machine has proved a real asset to William Garvey Furniture Makers. It has become a regularly used machine in the workplace, proving so popular within the workforce that they have just purchased a second one for their workspace.

We had heard about the Lamello Tenso machine and were interested in whether it could be a benefit to the company. Axminster lent us one to try and we couldn’t get enough of it. Everybody enjoys working with it, it provides such variety and is really easy to use.

William Garvey Furniture Makers'No problems, only challenges.’

Whilst William Garvey Furniture Makers have grown over the years, Bill’s original ambition was never to rule the world but to create the best quality products, with a philosophy of ‘no problems, only challenges’.

The team were recently challenged to create an LED removable shelving unit with no visible wiring, where the shelves could be moved around the unit. This took lots of testing and development but nevertheless the team achieved the finished project to its usual high-class standard.

Another example of a bespoke project was a kitchen island with an intricate built-in pasta stand. The team ensured that the stand remained practical yet visually pleasing, creating a perfect finished piece for the customer.

Nestled on a farm in the Devon countryside sits a renowned business that continues to create exquisite furniture for places all over the world. From the project management and surveys, through to the designing, making and polishing. William Garvey Furniture Makers continue to showcase their passion through their talents.

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After-sales support

Axminster has a dedicated after-sales department who are available to answer queries. The team constantly monitor the spare parts and consumables required for Axminster machinery. This ensures that wherever possible parts are available the next working day.

Axminster also provide a comprehensive guarantee on own branded machinery, which covers all parts and labour for the first three years.

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