Welcome to February’s Rider Sharpening Station competition

This competition has now closed, thank you for all the amazing entries. Steve Tomlin is the winner - your prize is on the way!

Handmade electric guitar
Steve built this handmade electric guitar with the help of his Rider planes. The body of the guitar is made from Cherry, with the neck a combination of Maple and Wenge.

Simply email us your picture of a project you are working on, or have made using a Rider plane to competitions@axminster.co.uk (before 29th February) for your chance to win a Rider Sharpening Station.

Here are a selection of entries:

Carved Greenland Paddles
Etienne Muller
Axminster Rider No 7 Jointer
Axminster Rider No 7 Jointer being used to joint the edges of 6 beech boards, each 125 mm wide by 45mm thick and 1500 mm long, to make a new solid wood top for an aging workbench.
Chris Finch
Wooden strip-built kayak. Rider planes have been used in nearly all steps of the process.
Jan Jessen Krut