Axminster Craft AC254TS Table Saw

Great for most woodworking projects, this table saw is ideal for sizing up wood before you join it together or plane it, prior to the sanding or finishing stage.

“...Excellent piece of kit..I can highly recommend the AC254TS table saw and Axminster service.”

Walron, Axminster customer

Features and Benefits

Fantastic cutting capacity

Enjoy large, accurate and fast cutting 80mm capacity with this table saw; a real workhorse of any home workshop.

Stable and robust

The ground cast iron table allows your workpiece to run smoothly across the table. The rigid rip fence offers maximum support while you work.

Achieve multiple cuts

The table saw allows you to achieve a range of different cuts. These include all manner of straight cuts, mitred cuts and bevel cuts.

Ideal for a range of materials

Need to cut man made materials such as ply, MDF or sheet materials? Or natural timbers including hardwood and softwood? If so, this table saw is just the ticket!

Highly efficient dust extraction

With extraction from both above and below this table saw is ideal for small workshops. It helps your work area to stay clean and also helps to reduce the amount of dust in your environment.

Important safety feature

An NVR switch with separate locking Emergency Stop function helps to safeguard your health at all times.

Easy maintenance

The table saw features removable side panels for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Super smooth tilt and height adjustment

Super-tune your table saw for absolutely straight, smooth and burn-free cuts.

Optional Accessories

With these optional accessories, the Axminster Craft AC254TS Table Saw becomes a truly exceptional machine.

Convert into a floor standing table saw

Offers a generous length of travel past the blade

Puts your saw table at a comfortable working height

Provides vital support, when working with sheet material

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