Benchtop brilliance with the AC1400B Craft Bandsaw

Convenience we just can’t put into words. The AC1400B is the smallest bandsaw in our Axminster Craft range and packed with features not normally found on a saw of this size. Perfect for the discerning craftsperson, the AC1400B is compact, but capable of taking on small to medium sized projects for the woodturner and woodworker. 

The features...

Designed to be bench mountable, the bandsaw overall weighs 20kg. It’s small, compact size means it won’t take up valuable floor space and you can easily store it away or move it to one side when you're not using it. Whilst, it’s sturdy weight absorbs any vibrations to increase the cutting accuracy and gives the machine a quality feel. 

The intricate details on this machine which set it aside from other saws like it include the curved style door. As well as adding to the saw’s aesthetics, this also helps to reduce any vibration which might occur when making cuts on your saw; in turn helping to increase the accuracy and reduce the noise level. Plus, the keyless opening means you can access inside your machine with a simple twist of the knob. 

The bandsaw’s table is solid cast iron and finely ground which enables your work to glide effortlessly through the machine. Plus, take on larger projects with its generous size! The rip fence has a T-shape to match the table; it's quick to adjust and easy to read using the clear view lense. Using a simple cam lock the fence will lock securely in place to ensure no movement is given. 

Another feature which is similar to the larger bandsaws in the Craft range is the wide, curved steel chassis. This design gives you excellent tension on the blade to increase the cutting accuracy!

Watch Tim to find out more about this quality, compact bandsaw in our Axminster Craft range. He tells us more about the bandsaw's intricate features which set it apart from any other like it.


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