Axminster Tools and The Sylva Foundation - A Collaborative Workshop

The day was arranged following the success of our previous collaborative workshop. The events are proving a great opportunity to provide a networking environment for businesses. In addition, attendees can meet with other companies and discuss ideas and topics relevant to our industry.

A current topic of importance is sustainability and woodland management, so a collaborative project with The Sylva Foundation was an obvious choice.

The Sylva Foundation is an environmental charity. Therefore, they undertake an incredible amount of work to help raise awareness around sustainable forestry and woodland management. In addition, they work hard to highlight the importance of educating the next generation of makers from a young age. 

In all, the day consisted of an introduction and tour of the Sylva Wood Centre community and related businesses, from experienced craftspeople to business incubation. A talk on the current climate crisis and future forests, including a visit to their recently planted future forest. The Sylva Wood School plans to help fill in some of the gaps within formal education and providing recruitment opportunities for well-established woodworking businesses.

What did the attendees think? 

“Keep it going. Very inspirational and can't wait to come back again to see how things have evolved” - Daniel Bullen-Webb from Iluka London

“Very inspiring!” -  Sarah Bullen-Webb from Iluka London

“Found the day very inspirational and would welcome more opportunities to do this event again” - John Hampton from Artichoke

Finally, click here to find out more about The Sylva Foundation and the work they do. 

The Sylva Foundation
Sylva Wood Centre
Little Wittenham Road
Long Wittenham
OX14 4QT

Tel: 01865 408018