Button Jaws

In this helpful article, we cover everything you need to know about our Axminster Woodturning Button Jaws.

What is Reverse Chucking?

Reverse chucking is the method of re-mounting your turned piece onto the lathe in order to finish the exterior of your project. Typically the last step, the method can be used for a variety of tasks. It is ideal if you need to remove marks left by the chuck, as well as if you need to remove the tenon or recess that was used to hold the piece while turning the interior of the bowl. What's more, it is also useful if you plan to add decoration to the external side of your project.

How Button Jaws Work

Firstly, button jaws work by gripping the workpiece firmly but gently between the eight conical rubbers. As well as the tapped holes, there is a slot in each of the jaws which allows the position of the jaws to be finely adjusted to accommodate slightly irregular pieces. These jaws can take bowls up to 225mm in diameter.

As an alternative to using the buttons, stacking turn studs are available as an optional extra. These are designed as a primary holding device for all manner of round or square blanks. They provide a very secure holding method and can be used singularly or doubled up using the longer bolts supplied.


Conveniently, the Axminster Woodturning Button Jaws are suitable for the SK100 and SK114 chucks. As with all our dovetail jaws, they simply bolt onto the Accessory Mounting Jaws.

Finally, although the rubber buttons are easy on the wood, they are not particularly suitable for bowls with a very fine edge. In such a case, a better alternative would be specific wooden jaws mounted on Axminster Woodturning Wood Jaw Plates. For better access, a longer chuck key may be required when using button jaws.

Manufactured in Axminster, UK

Precision machined from high quality stainless steel, we design, develop and manufacture the majority of our Axminster Woodturning range. For your convenience, the Axminster Woodturning Button Jaws are available to purchase in 150mm, 250mm and 400mm diameters.


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