Looking for something to do? Then this simple wooden game, woodworking project will keep the kids busy and entertained for hours.

This tumbling tower wooden stacking game only requires some basic tools, and is easy enough for children of all ages to make, under adult supervision. It is the perfect project for those looking to introduce a bandsaw in their making and for increasing confidence in younger woodworkers.

Plus, it will keep the whole family entertained throughout the year, as this simple wooden stacking game is a firm favourite with children and big kids alike.

Part 1 - Prep your timber

Start with a 15mm board with a straight edge. It’s important that both faces are smooth and clean. Sand if necessary. There will be 54 finished individual pieces that will be 25mm wide, 75mm long and 15mm thick.

Prep your material, starting with a 15mm thick plank roughly 1,000mm long 150mm wide
Prep your material, starting with a 15mm thick plank roughly 1,000mm long 150mm wide

Part 2 - Cut your playing pieces (length)

Set the bandsaw fence at 25mm from the blade.

Cut the board along the length into 25mm strips. We recommend using a 1/2 inch and a ripper type of blade to ensure a straight cut.

As the plank becomes less wide, be sure to use a push stick to keep it flush to the fence.

Part 3 - Sand the edges

Bunch all cut pieces on their edge with the cut side facing up. Sand using your preferred method. Turn over all pieces and repeat.

Round off the corners by either using a sanding block or a spokeshave.

Part 4 - Cut your playing pieces (width)

Next, reset the bandsaw fence to 75mm and use the mitre fence to crosscut each piece.

Stop the bandsaw when removing cut blocks and set aside.

Part 5 - Sand the edges

Once you have cut all of your 54 blocks (and a few spares), use a piece of abrasive, flat on the bench, and remove any breakout on the ends.

Each block should be smooth on four faces. We left the end faces rough sawn, but you can sand them, just be careful not to take too much off of the overall length.

Each block should be smooth on four faces
Each block should be smooth on four faces

Part 6 - Finish your game

Finish using an oil. We have used a food safe oil for a non toxic finish. Be sure to wipe off any excess oil so that the blocks do not become sticky and will slide easily when stacked.

Allow 24 hours for the oil to dry before stacking.

Now you're ready to play. Stack your blocks in threes at 90° to each other and challenge your friends and family to see who has the steadiest hands!

Tumbling tower game

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