Here, Colwin Way demonstrates simple effects for beginners, using the SprayCraft SP50K Dual Action Airbrush Kit, and how easy it is to get started. While Colwin has used the SP50K, nearly all Airbrushing kits will set up in the same way and dual action airbrushes used in the same way.

Airbrushing for beginners

Getting to grips with Airbrushing couldn't be easier using ready-to-use kits from SprayCraft.

Your creativity is abound with airbrushing and can add depth and style to your modelling, woodwork and woodturning. To mark your own style, experiment with colours and techniques to find what effects can be achieved.

As you progress you will discover new approaches and can begin making custom designs and stencils, using a sharp scalpel to cut your design out, or different thickness of craft masking tape, to accomplish more abstract designs.

Not sure which airbrushing kit you need? Take a look at our buying guide to help you make your choice.