Switch from one to another with no strings attached

The beauty of the Bosch FlexiClick system is the ability to quickly change between attachments. To start with, each drill has a short body and a quick change locking hex bit holder. This means you can quickly switch bits between tasks and larger drill bits stay securely in position. The GSR 12 V-15 FC (the 12V model) will even take a 1/4" hex bit directly in the drive shaft without an attachment. This acts as a magnetic bit holder and gives you the shortest possible length.

To switch between attachments, all that's needed is a twist of the chuck and the attachment is held in place with the twist lock collar. For drilling jobs there is also a standard chuck with a capacity to drill 38mm in wood in the 18V version and 30mm for the 12V.

Offset adaptor - A handy feature for drilling close to an edge when you can't quite get the whole of the drill in the space. In addition, the adaptors also rotate through 360 degrees so you can find the optimum position.

Angle adaptor - This adaptor is invaluable when working in really difficult positions such as between beams or floor joists. Electricians, carpenters, plumbers, you no longer have to hold the drill at an awkward angle. You can create holes where you need to, building the most natural route for pipes and cables. With the 12V Bosch FlexiClick, you can also combine the angle adaptor with a bit holder or a chuck. The advantage of this is that with the hex bit holder you get an even shorter head length for really tricky areas.

Need to drill in masonry or concrete?

If you're opting for the 18V Bosch FlexiClick then you obviously need a little more power. With this version the SDS+ adaptor sets it apart and is a genius addition that allows you to drill up to 10mm diameter in masonry.

How the drills measure up

GSR 12V-15 FC GSR 18 V-EC FC2
Keyless drill chuck capacity 10mm 13mm
Angle adaptor
Off-set angle adaptor
Lockable bit holder
Angle adaptor
Magnetic bit holder
SDS+ hammer adaptor
Torque settings 20+1 18+1
Length 132mm 147mm
Max drilling diameter in wood 30mm 38mm
Max drilling diameter in steel 10mm 13mm
Max screw diameter 7mm 10mm
Torque, max. (hard/soft) 30/15 Nm 50/31 Nm

Balance or brawn?

Ultimately one of the biggest deciding factors between the 18V and 12V will be how much power you need. If your work requires a lot of drilling into brickwork then the extra power of the 18V combined with the SDS+ adaptor has everything you need. Conversely if you need more finesse, 10.8 / 12V tools give you extra dexterity. The lower weight of the GSR 12 V-15 FC is a great example with good balance and easy manoeuvrability.

Do I need an all in one drill?

Have you ever felt you're carrying around too much gear? What the Bosch FlexiClick drills offer is the ability to cut down on the number of systainers needed for a job. Handy if you have flights of stairs to walk up and also if you're the type of person that likes everything succinct and neatly in its place. The drills give you so many options all from one systainer. If you feel you won't use all the attachments at once you can always buy the 18V drill as a body only and build up the kit with the attachments as needed.

But what do you think of the FlexiClick drills? If you've put one to the test be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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