Bosch Mitre Saw Spotlight

Looking for a new Bosch mitre saw with a difference? If so, look no further than the new GCM 18V-216 cordless 216mm sliding mitre saw from the popular Bosch Blue range. This saw will give you the performance of a corded mitre saw it features Bosch's new BITURBO brushless motor, along with a host of additional fantastic features and benefits. In the world of power tools and machinery, we're certain the new BITURBO system is set to make waves; but what does BITURBO actually mean?

BITURBO Definition

BITURBO = 'Bi' meaning two parts and 'Turbo' meaning greater power. Bosch ProCORE 18V batteries are able to deliver much higher current than standard batteries, up to 90 amps. Bosch have designed their most powerful brushless motor ever used in a Bosch cordless tool. The motor features much larger and extremely powerful Neodymium magnets with a highly efficient Radial turbine fan. This allows the motor to run significantly faster for longer with greater cooling than ever before. This is heart of Bosch BITURBO.

Neodymium magnets

This type of rare-earth magnet is a permanent magnet made from an alloy of neodymium, iron and boron.

Radial turbine fan

A radial turbine fan is a device that consists of an impeller driven by an electrical motor. The rotation of the impeller sets the air in motion, air is then sucked in from the inlet on the side of the fan, then blown out via the outlet. The Bosch design allows this fan to move 100L of air per minute for optimum motor cooling.

Brushless motors

The main difference between brushless or brushed motors is that brushless units use magnets to generate power and not carbon brushes. For this reason, brushless motors have a much longer lifetime, generate less heat, are typically maintenance free and tend to be a little more compact.

Bosch Mitre Saw Features and Benefits

Thanks to its new BITURBO brushless motor and ProCORE18V batteries, the Bosch GCM 18V-216 mitre saw is powerful, equal to a corded 1,600W saw.

Next, the new Bosch mitre saw is lightweight at only 15.7kg (with 8Ah battery) which means it's simple to carry and comfortable to use for longer periods.
Compact in size it also offers complete maneuverability. As such, the new Bosch mitre saw delivers mobility at its best.
Furthermore, it comes fitted with a 216mm TCT blade and features an SDS nut for tool-less blade changes. This makes blade changes both fast and uncomplicated.
Moreover, the 216mm saw blade sets a new standard with the greatest cutting depth in its class - an impressive 70mm depth of cut. This makes for an extended application range in mobile use.
A one hand carrying ergonomic handle enables comfortable transportation while on the go.
The laser line and LED light ensures accurate alignment at all times and illuminates cutting area for precision cutting.
Furthermore, optimised tool design allows a maximum width of cut of 270mm.
Due to the adjustable upper part of the guide fence it is possible to achieve safe bevelling cuts up to 47°.
Next, you will enjoy an easy and smooth sliding function thanks to the perfectly centred rails.
Finally, for best performance run this mitre saw with the Bosch high performance ProCore 18V batteries. This machine is also compatible with the standard Bosch 18V professional battery but runtime and performance will not be compromised; for full performance use Bosch ProCORE 18V 8Ah or 12Ah batteries.

Please note: Axminster supply the new Bosch mitre saw as a bare tool, supplied without batteries or charger.
For best performance run this mitre saw with the Bosch high performance ProCore 18V batteries. This machine is also compatible with the standard Bosch 18V professional battery but runtime and performance will be compromised.

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