A hobby with history

Once a hobby just to pass the time of day or, going back even further, used more practically to create tools, the hobby of carving has grown over the years and has even evolved into the world of power tools!


For the carving purists among us, the go-to tool will always be a hand tool without an electrical plug in sight! There’s no denying that you won’t find a more relaxing afternoon than whittling on your front porch in the summer sun. However, for those of us with, dare I say, bigger ideas (in size) and more wood to remove, the use of a power carving tool can be invaluable!


Power revolution

First and foremost, they save time, especially on large projects where you would be hand carving for days to reduce the stock; using a power carver such as the Arbortech Turboplane will take you minutes.


Of course, you can then continue the project with hand tools and for those seeking detail in the miniature, hand tools cannot be beaten. But, as with all power tools, the new inventions are coming thick and fast. Using the range from Saburr Tooth, you can quickly reduce stock and then find a similar level of carving detail to hand carving by switching the burrs.

Saburr Tooth

An easy win?

This may sound as if the fight has been won and power carving is victorious... Not at all! Both have their place depending on the size, scope and detail of your project, and a combination of hand and power tools can work together more harmoniously on the same project than initially thought!


The main appeal of carving is accessibility; anyone of any age can take up carving with great results. You don’t need to be a skilled craftsperson to get joy from creating your first pieces; but if you are, then the same joy can be found in the uniqueness and intricacy of work that you create. The choice of tooling should depend more on what you are carving and your own physical ability, as to whether you pick up a power carver or the more traditional hand tool.


Don’t take our word for it?

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Our quick guide to using power and hand carving tools in combination...

Larger undertakings

You can’t go wrong with an Arbortech Turboplane for removing a lot of stock, it sweeps it away quickly leaving a smooth finish. Continue the detailing with a Flexcut Detail Knife.

Medium sized projects (or where less effort is required!)

Start off with the easy to control Proxxon MSG Carver to gain the shape and continue with either a Flexcut Detail Knife, or Flexcut Power Gouges.

Small, intricate work

Flexcut Carving Knives are perfect for whittling, detailing and intricate carving. The range also include chip carvers and palm chisels, all with razor sharp blades.