WoodSpur Decking Screws

What is a decking screw?

Decking screws are screws designed specifically for decking. A wooden deck is an outdoor structure that has to bear shifting loads, day after day, so it is important to use screws that will stand the test of time. What this means is that your deck needs to be able to hold itself together.

To achieve an attractive, solid and sturdy deck that you can enjoy safely, it’s always best to opt for purpose-built decking screws such as WoodSpur decking screws. Made from A2 stainless steel, WoodSpur decking screws are highly corrosion-resistant and non-rusting. What’s more, the double thread design pulls boards tight and locks them in place. This makes them ideal for decking use.

Advantages of decking screws

  • For quick and reliable assembly, WoodSpur deck screws feature a Torx T25 drive. With this type of drive there’s minimal risk of cam-out and greater transmission of torque. This makes them excellent for pressure treated, tanalised timber.
  • What's more, the sharp, penetrating tip eliminates the need for pilot holes, saving you time and effort!
  • WoodSpur decking screws are corrosion resistant to prevent rusting and weakness of the structure over the years.
  • Deck screws are far superior to nails as the are more secure. They also allow boards to be easily lifted to gain access below the deck for maintenance or repair.

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