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Dovetail Super Jigs: The Applications

Unsure what you can achieve with a Dovetail Super Jig? Here are just a few of the different types of joints that can be created with both speed and ease.
Leigh Super Jig

Through Dovetails

Create variably spaced dovetails and joints up to 1" thick. This type of joint is ideal for box and carcass construction.

Half-Blind Dovetails

Perfect for hidden dovetails on drawer fronts, this type of joint will produce variably spaced dovetail joints up to 1" thick.
Half Blind Dovetails

Sliding Dovetails

This type of joint is suited to shelving, partitions and breadboard ends which makes it great for bookcases, chest of drawers and jewellery box partitions.

Single Pass Half-Blind Dovetails

If you are interested in replicating drawers from period pieces of furniture, the single pass dovetails are the perfect solution.
Single Pass Half Blind Dovetail

Finger Joints and Box Joints

Perfect if you need to create box corners or drawers. Make two sizes of box joints (or finger joints), 5/16" and 5/8".

Inlaid Dovetails

Add a unique touch to any woodworking piece with fancy inlaid joints. These are easily achieved with double step routing.
Inlaid Dovetails

Angled Dovetails

Want to create simple angles on planter boxes or cradles? This dovetail jig offers the perfect solution.

Raised Dovetails

This type of 3D joint design makes a bold design statement.

Raised Dovetails

End-on-End Dovetails

Rout both straight or angled end-on-end dovetails at five different cutting depths.

Rabbeted Dovetails

If you are looking for a drawer front alternative, rabbeted dovetails offer a fantastic solution. Ideal for face frame cabinetry, this type of joint makes fitting easier.

Needle Pins

Fantastic for reproduction or authentic period pieces.

Needle Pins

5 Year Warranty on Leigh Dovetail Super Jigs

Leigh stands behind its products and their quality. For complete peace of mind, Leigh offers a 5 year limited warranty on their Dovetail Super Jigs. Please note, Leigh’s warranty applies to the original owner, who purchases for use and not for resale, for a period of five years from the date of purchase. There is no need to register your product but please keep hold of your proof of purchase.
Leigh Super Jig Dovetails

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