Introducing the NEW Festool VECTURO 18V Multi-tool

The Festool VECTURO OSC 18 is an intelligent system solution. It combines the highest demands for performance, comfort and precision for dust free sawing, scraping and cutting.

Main Applications

  • Cut all types of skirting board, profiles and beams to length
  • Useful for door frames and pipes
  • Create cutouts, notches and plunge cuts in various materials
  • Remove old paint, tile cement, silicones, glue residues, carpeting and underfloor coatings with the scraper
  • Remove window putty from glass
  • Cut joints in epoxy resin, trass (an additive for mortar and concrete), hard epoxy, cement and even marble!
Festool Vecturo

Features and Benefits

  • This handy, portable multi tool is great if you need to achieve precise cutouts on the scribe mark. What's more, it's brilliant if you need to make precisely guided plunge cuts on delicate surfaces.
  • The quick change system with Starlock Max tool holder enables fast and tool free replacement of saw blades and accessories without the need for additional equipment. This saves you valuable time and allows for more efficient working as set up times are shorter.
  • The brushless EC-TEC motor with vibration isolation ensures that work can progress at a super quick pace.
  • Furthermore, it features variable speed control for complete flexibility. Processor controlled 'Multi Material Control' (MMC) power electronics provide both adjustable and constant speeds. It also provides temperature monitoring for work on all types of material.
Festool Vecturo
  • For the perfect result, the EC-TEC drive concept delivers huge amounts of power while using minimal amounts of energy.
  • The anti-vibration and noise reducing system ensures that the housing and motor are completely isolated. This helps to deliver a consistently high level of comfort.
  • Also, the electronic overload protection ensures the motor doesn't get damaged, thanks to the blocking tool.
  • The sleek housing of the multi tool with rubberised grip also adds to the comfort and overall experience for the user.

More Features and Benefits

  • Enjoy optimum working progress. The oscillation angle is 2.0°/2.0° (left/right) for quick and precise working. This measurement relates to the distance the blade travels, measured in degrees, as it oscillates.
  • What's more, thanks to the 18V lithium-ion battery pack there is complete cordless mobility. This makes it ideal for use on site, at home or in your workshop. The main advantage of a lithium-ion battery over other rechargeable batteries is energy efficiency. It delivers higher energy density relative to its physical size, a low self-discharge rate, and zero to low memory effect. In addition to the fact it's not too bulky, lithium-ion batteries are also faster to charge.
Festool Vecturo
  • A mobile dust extractor can be connected to the Festool VECTURO multi-tool. Simply use the optional dust extraction device to maintain a clear view of your workpiece. It will also help to keep dust to a minimum while you work and makes the Festool VECTURO multi-tool ideal for sawing above head height.
  • The quick acting brake ensures safe working when sawing, planing and routing.
  • The positioning aid ensures precisely guided plunge cuts.
  • Finally, the depth stop protects the saw blade for precisely defined plunge cuts.
Festool Vecturo

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