Capture the botanical beauty of your garden

In this How To we provide a step-by-step guide to creating a resin and rose garland. Using the natural bio-based Resin Kit and Pigment Set from EcoPoxy we’ll show you how to make some beautiful bunting to decorate any special occasion.

Step 1 - Preparation

Mixing containers must be clean and your measuring device accurate. Any variance can cause the resin to stay soft and not fully cure.

Working area must be clean, dry and free of dust. Settling dust can cause blemishes on the glossy surface. The chemical reaction of curing epoxy releases heat so drying resin must be left in a clear and ventilated area.

Flowers must be completely dried out prior to use, otherwise they can cause discolouration to the resin.


Step 2 - Mixing the resin

In a clean, dry container follow the instructions carefully. If using EcoPoxy combine (by volume) one part resin with one part hardener, and mix thoroughly for five minutes. Divide the clear mix into four separate containers.

Add your chosen colour of metallic mica powder and mix thoroughly. If you’re making a large garland, you may want to do one colour at a time.

Step 3 - Pouring the resin

Lay out your moulds and pour one colour mix into each. A coloured resin will obscure the object within it, so the more colour you add the less detail you will see. We wanted the beauty of the roses to be clearly seen, so we’ve poured just enough coloured resin to submerge only half of the flower head.

Step 4 - Flower arrangement

Arrange the roses in the moulds and leave them to set overnight. Remember not to create or disturb any dust during the setting time. If you’re not using coloured resin and don't mind how the flowers are arranged, you can completely cover the rose in the clear resin, extend the setting time to two days and skip Step 5.

Step 5 - Sealing the flowers

Mix another batch of clear resin and pour it over the flowers to the top of the mould.

Make sure the flowers are completely coated with resin and then leave them to set for two days.

Step 6 - Finishing

Make sure the resin is completely dry and then peel off your moulds. Drill one 3mm hole in each of your pieces.


Thread some ribbon, string or fishing line through each disc to form the garland. There you have your finished garland and with EcoPoxy’s range of metallic colour pigments and glitters, you can customise the garland to suit any special occasion!

Why not make matching coasters for the table? Just follow steps 1-5 and make sure the flowers are fully submerged to create two flat sides. You could also make beautiful sun catchers for your windows - in fact, the possibilities are endless!

Show us your creations!

We hope all you budding creatives have enjoyed learning how to create this flower garland. If you’ve made your own, we would love to see it!

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