Drilling should never be boring

Drilling/boring, whatever you want to call it, when you need to make a hole in wood not all bits are the same. Whether you want to create clean crisp holes or speed is a priority, avoid complications by choosing the right bit.


Faster with a Forstner

To a create a flat bottomed hole for hinges or when you need a larger hole with a crisp edge, Forstner bits will do it precisely. The crispness of the edge and the unique way the holes can be overlapped are reasons why Forstner bits are considered a crucial cutting tool by woodworkers.


Why Axcaliber Forstner Bits?

Each piece is made by FISCH in Austria, who meticulously choose the best raw materials to ensure the highest standard of cutting tools. The sharpness of the edge produces accurate holes so you can get the best possible finish.

Axcaliber Quick Change 5 Piece Forstner Bit Set


Reach new depths

When you need to drill a hole through thicker material, auger bits are designed to penetrate the wood to a greater depth. Any waste is cleared efficiently away from the cutting edge so you can produce holes with a relatively smooth edge which are uniform all the way through.


Further with FISCH

A set of six auger bits, 235mm long for drilling longer holes such as between joists.

FISCH Quick Change 6 Piece Auger Bit Set


Speed with a Spade

Spade bits are great at producing large holes quickly but they lack the smooth finish of an auger bit. When speed is a priority and you’re less concerned about how the hole looks, a spade bit will get the job done quickly.

Bosch SELFCUT 6 Piece Speed Flat Bits Set (Hex Shank)


Twist Drills

For accurate holes in wood, metals or plastics, twist drills will quickly achieve a specific diameter. They are also the most widely used due to the number of different sizes available. However, with an abundance of bits at different prices, don't just go for the cheapest ones. Look for qualities such as High-Speed Steel which has a higher wear resistance and TiN coating for extra durability.

170 Piece Drill Bit Set