Introducing the brand new Ultimate Kitchen Worktop Cutters from UJK Technology

When fitting a kitchen worktop, the most crucial part comes when making a joint. It’s natural to want the best results but to achieve the best, you must invest in the best. This is because no matter how high the quality of the worktop material or the precision of a CNC cut jig, a low quality router cutter will produce a low quality joint. This is where UJK’s Ultimate Kitchen Worktop Cutter set pips everyone to the post. Not to be confused with the array of low cost, budget cutters found elsewhere, this high quality set guarantees to cut more metres of worktop and leave a superior finish, each and every time.


The brand new Ultimate Kitchen Worktop Cutters can cut through worktops with ease when using a worktop jig and 1/2" router. Below are some of the features of the recently designed router cutter set.

CF10 fine grain tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) blades

Significantly better than conventional carbide tipped cutters, the tips are CF10 fine grain tungsten carbide, a dense, very hard form. With a high percentage of carbide, CF10 offers extra long life even when cutting abrasive materials. The cutting edges have a radius ground bevel as opposed to flat ground to increase support behind the edge.

PTFE coating

The Ultimate Kitchen Worktop Cutters from UJK Technology feature a PTFE coating which prevents the cutters sticking to the worktop while you cut. The PTFE non-stick coating minimises resin and heat build-up for longer life.

Longer shank

When fitting kitchen worktops using a worktop jig, it is necessary for the router cutter to be long enough to extend below the bottom of the worktop. At the same time, it also needs to retain a sufficient length of shank in the router collet. With UJK's Ultimate Kitchen Worktop Cutters the shank is 10mm longer than standard to accommodate a router sub-base. This provides sufficient protrusion from the base and ensures you have enough reach to cut safely through the worktop.

Larger cutter body

Lastly, a beefed up cutter body has a greater cross section giving an increased brazed area behind the tungsten carbide tips for extra strength.

These cutters are 50mm long x 12.7mm diameter (1/2" shank).


This high quality cutter set is guaranteed to produce high quality joints. As such, the new UJK Technology Ultimate Kitchen Worktop Cutters are perfect for professional kitchen fitters that are routing worktops day after day. The longer shank and other features make them stronger, harder, and sharper than any other kitchen worktop router cutters available. They are also very useful for general builders and joiners who fit kitchens on an occasional basis.

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