Kubb is a traditional outdoor team game of Scandinavian origin. A simple game involving a king and a series of smaller wooden blocks known as 'Kubbs', the aim of the game is knock over the opposing team's Kubbs by throwing wooden batons, and then being the first team to knock over the King.

This is not only a simple game to play but is super easy to make. A great way to use up off cuts and scraps, this project will create hours of family fun in the garden.

A Kubb set consists of 1 King, 10 Kubbs, 6 throwing batons and 4 corner posts. The game is played on a small pitch, which is marked out with wooden markers. You can find the full set of rules and playing positions here.

Watch Ben in our Woodworking Wisdom demo as he shows you how to make your own Kubb lawn set, or follow the steps below.

Make the king

Cut the King to size using either a bandsaw or by hand. Our King is 300mm long and 75mm square.


Next, mark out the crown. There are many different ways to cut the crown. In this example we have used a compound cut. Mark the centre on each face and draw a zigzag pattern on the top. A mitre square or sliding bevel will be useful here.

Mark out the bottom of the crown. Here we marked a line at 65mm and 75mm giving us a 10mm collar going around all four sides.

Cut your preferred Crown pattern using a bandsaw or with a handsaw and remove any sharp edges with a sanding block.

Then, cut the collar that separates the crown from the main body.

Sand the King to remove any remaining pencil marks and soften any hard edges.

Cut the Kubbs

The Kubbs are smaller than the King. Set the bandsaw fence to 60mm and rip 60mm square stock from your piece of pine. Then cut to 150mm lengths. We need 10 Kubbs for the set.

Sand the Kubbs and knock off any sharp corners and edges.

Make the throwing sticks and corner posts

Cut the 30mm broom handles or dowels to 300mm lengths. We will need 6 of these.

Round off the ends of the throwing sticks. We did this on a lathe, but you could use a disc sander or even hand sand the hard corner off.

For the corner posts, we used 12mm beech dowels in half metre lengths, which we cut in half with a slight angle to make them easier to push into the earth. Finish by sanding the edges.

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