What are the applications?

Built-in wardrobes, free-standing cabinets, kitchen units, wall units, bookshelves, corner joints, dividing panel connections, fixed shelves.

Lamello Cabineo application example

How does the furniture fitting work?

The Cabineo works by drilling or routing a shape with CNC machinery to create space for the fitting. A 5mm drill hole is then made in the corresponding workpiece. As the furniture fixing is concealed, and almost flush with the surface, you can insert the connectors prior to transportation or when ready to assemble. The Cabineo contains a pre-installed screw inside the fitting and when in position, simply use the ball end allen key and a cordless drill, set to the correct torque settings, to join the two pieces together. The result is a connection that's simple, fast and strong.

See to how it works

See how quick it is to make the space for the fitting

What problems can it solve compared to other furniture fixings?

Simpler manufacturing

What makes the Cabineo unique is the actual manufacturing process. You don't have to drill on the edge as the holes for the connectors are made on the surface. Traditionally when using cam dowels and locks there are a number of stages but the manufacturing process with the Cabineo is much more streamlined. The final connection is also considerably stronger with a high tensile strength. Additionally, if you're working with narrow panels the connector only needs a space of 10mm, meaning you can work with panels from 12mm.

Compatible with all types of CNC Machinery

Technical data

Size 33.8 ×16.5×10.8 mm
Cutter Ø 12 mm or smaller
Drill Ø 5 mm and Ø 15 mm
Material housing Fibre-glass reinforced plastic
Installation tolerance Longitudinal ± 0.1 mm

Technical values without dowel (N)

In 19mm Particulate Board Cabineo 12 Cabineo 8
Tensile Strength (F1) 900 500
Shear Strength (F2) 850 550
Shear Strength (F3) [VAR.3] 400 [-13%] 450 [-13%]
Clamping Force (F4) 900 -

Easy transportation

As you can flat pack the panels and pre-install the connectors if necessary, this can save a considerable amount of space for easy transportation.

Flat packed components with Cabineo pre-installed

Save on assembly time

No fiddling around with dowels or locks, the Cabineo is just a one piece connector that joins pieces with a cordless drill. The connection is much quicker and so when you're assembling the final components this significantly reduces your setting up time.

What do you think?

Lamello are renowned for their jointing innovations. So renowned in fact that they've picked up a few Interzum awards along the way for creating unique designs that set new standards in their industry. Award winners include both the Divario and the Tenso P-14 connectors which creating self clamping fittings. The Cabineo adds to Lamello's stable of innovative connectors. It's a simple design but very effective and that's the beauty of good design, it shouldn't complicate work but it needs to be effective.

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