A multitool is precisely that; a tool with a multitude of uses. Apart from a drill/driver, a multitool is probably the most versatile single power tool that the tradesman or homeowner might require. A sophisticated transmission converts the motor’s rotary motion into a very rapid (variable up to around 18000 rpm) oscillating movement of approximately 2°. Systems differ, but essentially, a vast range of alternative blades can then be securely attached to the machine.


Cutting, Sanding & Grinding

Various shaped sanding pads can be quickly attached onto which a huge selection of sanding papers can be stuck by means of a Velcro fastening. One of the most useful pads is the triangular or ‘Delta’ shape, which means that it’s possible to sand right into the tightest recess.


Tungsten carbide blades can be attached; very useful for clearing old mortar or ceramic tile grout.

The other principal use for a multitool is to cut, and for this application, an even greater selection of blades are available, from metal cutting through to diamond saw blades for ceramic tiles.


Some blades can be used to plunge cut (for example, to remove a section from the centre of a panel) as well as flush cutting.


Scraping & Shaping

Another extremely useful addition to the multitool portfolio is the scraper function. Blades can be fitted which will make light work of removing, for example, the residue from carpet adhesive or old undercoat from a vehicle. Shaping is another task easily performed by these machines and for this purpose, tungsten carbide rasps can easily be fitted.


Although different manufacturers produce multitool machines, it’s often the case that blades are interchangeable between different makes. In addition, there may also be alternative methods of attachment within one company’s range of machines.
This is not as complex as it sounds, but the prospective buyer, when looking for alternative blades, is well advised to check that his purchases are compatible with his or her existing machine.



If ever there was a tool that could be described as a ‘jack of all trades’, the multitool probably fits the definition exceptionally well. With the right blade fitted these versatile machines will cut, sand or grind almost anything, from precision cutting in steel to marble, epoxy resin and cement mortar. The uses to which a multitool can be put are only really limited by the abilities and imagination of the user!

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