Listen to our new podcast, Out of the Woodwork - bringing you inspiring stories and conversation from woodworkers who share our passion for all things woodwork.

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Join host Sean Evelegh in our first podcast series, as he talks to leaders, creators, educators, philanthropists and artists, bringing you conversations on all the big topics as well as inspirational stories, chat and more.

Sean is a young, innovative designer and fine woodworker from Kent. After graduating from Rycotewood Furniture Making College, he set up his own furniture workshop. He also has a popular YouTube channel where he shares woodworking tips, projects and tool reviews.

His passion for creating beautiful wooden furniture embraces the whole process; from milling the tree to applying the final coat of finish. He has a deep understanding of the capabilities of different wood species and incorporates the natural beauty of the wood in his designs.

Sean describes himself as a creator of modern pieces, using traditional methods, but he always looks to push the boundaries.

It was such a thrill hosting the podcast and chatting with inspirational craftspeople. I hope these conversations will inspire and teach makers as well as encourage the younger generation to start making, especially the ones who don’t have access to a workshop at school.

Sean Evelegh

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