In this episode of Out of the Woodwork podcast, Sean talks to Artist, Maker and YouTuber, Nick Zammeti. Nick’s channel has more than 880,000 subscribers and attracts millions of views with his wacky woodturning and resin art. Nick loves to make and create stuff from nothing, but most of all he loves to entertain and inspire, encouraging anyone and everyone to get making.

More about Nick Zammeti

Nick started YouTubing in 2016 and since then has amassed more than 880,000 subscribers with people from all over the world tuning in to watch his creative and sometimes crazy woodturning and resin art projects.

Nick is also the founder of Makers Central. With a family friendly ethos, and open to all kinds of crafting and making, the show is fast becoming popular with global makers and YouTubers attracting big names such as Bobby Duke, Jimmy DiResta, and James Bruton.

Nick Zammeti

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