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The new PowerCap® Infinity® Respirator is JSP's first four-in-one head unit offering users complete above the head protection. Inspired by feedback received from users who frequently wear Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR), JSP have developed the PowerCap® Infinity® Respirator. Designed for industrial environments, read our informative First Look guide to learn more about the brand new PowerCap® Infinity® respirator unit.

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JSP PowerCap Infinity Respirator


The new PowerCap® Infinity® respirator delivers the ultimate safety solution for those working in harsh industrial environments and large commercial workshops. It is intended for use in areas where respiratory protection from dust, spores, mist and fumes, head protection from falling objects, and eye/face protection from high speed particles is required. Please note: it is NOT suitable for gases or vapours.

Utilising the very latest in Powered Air Purifying Respiratory technology (PAPR), it provides users with complete above the neck protection. For convenience, it covers the fields of respiratory, head, face and hearing* protection. This is delivered through a four in one fully integrated helmet mounted unit. As a result, there's now no need to struggle with waist belts, lengths of tubing or extra cables.

*Please see the Hearing Protection section below.

Respiratory Protection

Firstly, the PowerCap® Infinity® respirator delivers 160 litres of clean air per minute through high capacity HEPA filters. This provides incredibly high respiratory protection to TH3. The unit has a Nominal Protection Factor of 500 (UK APF 40) – the highest rating possible* meaning you can be rest assured of your safety at all times.

*Please see the Conformity section below.

JSP Powercap Infinity Respirator

Head Protection

Secondly, the PowerCap® Infinity® Respirator is based on JSP's EVO®5 Olympus® industrial safety helmet. It also features the Revolution® 3D adjustment harness and ABS shell. The extremely robust ABS shell offers superior all day protection. The easy to use wheel ratchet with 3D adjustment harness offers 1-2-3 point depth settings for a perfect fit.

Face and Eye Protection

Next, the Grade B rated safety visor offers impact protection up to a staggering 270 mph. To establish this figure, a test using a 6mm steel ball bearing was carried out. The visor on the PowerCap® Infinity® respirator also has an optical rating of Class 1- the highest rating in its class. This means that the unit can be worn for long periods of time without eye strain. Finally, the visor boasts a K rated anti-scratch coating for clearer vision when working. It also features a replaceable peel-off visor protector to prolong the life of the visor.

JSP Sonis Compact Ear DefendersHearing Protection (Optional extra)

Notably, the World Health Organisation has identified noise-induced hearing loss as the most common permanent and preventable injury in the world. As such, the PowerCap® Infinity® respirator has been certified to integrate with JSP's Sonis® Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders SNR 31. When used in conjunction with the respirator, this delivers complete security above the neck and ensures advanced defence in harsh, industrial environments.

PowerCap Infinity Respirator

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The JSP PowerCap® Infinity® respirator requires training via one of our trained members of staff.
Before the respirator can be released for delivery, a face-to-face consultation must be carried out.
Please call our Axminster Business Services team on 0800 371822 to arrange the consultation.

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Features and benefits

The new JSP PowerCap® Infinity® respirator boasts a range of impressive features and benefits. Combined, these help to deliver effective respiratory protection even in harsh industrial environments.

High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filters

The PowerCap® Infinity® respirator uses high capacity HEPA filters, a type of mechanical air filter. These are also known as high-efficiency particulate air filters. HEPA filters work by forcing air through a fine mesh that traps harmful particles and mould spores. They effectively trap these pollutants and may also help to bring allergy relief.

JSP Powercap Respirator

Aerodynamically Optimised Pre-Filter Covers

The aerodynamically optimised pre-filter covers help to reduce the drag from air moving past. As a result, 160 litres per minute of clean air is delivered direct to the user. This means the user can enjoy a fresh supply of air at all times, regardless of the task they are undertaking.

Powercap Respirator Optimal Air Flow

In partnership with leading motorsport dynamicists, JSP have worked tirelessly to develop an airflow system for extended user comfort. Controlling the movement of air inside the respirator, the airflow system avoids misting. It also removes the common side effects of dry eyes. In all, the extensive research and development of this product ensures increased user comfort at all times.

Powercap® Infinity®: Positive Pressure Powered Respirator

Positive pressure powered respirators help to ensure that any air movement is outward. This eliminates the drawbacks encountered with standard negative pressure face respirators such as contaminated air occasionally leaking into the facepiece, for example. As a positive pressure system, the PowerCap® Infinity® respirator allows the user to breathe normally. It also accommodates facial hair without any loss in protection.

JSP PowerCap Infinity RespiratorHeads-Up Display

The PowerCap® Infinity® respirator features a helpful 'Heads-Up Display'. This enables the user to manage their usage effectively. It also includes audible notifications about the filter and battery condition. This feedback is invaluable when working in loud, hazardous environments as it helps to ensure the highest levels of protection at all times.

Real Time Diagnostics

Accurate, dynamic feedback is provided through real time diagnostics. The in-built technology monitors both the system and the user twice per second. This helps the user to identify and differentiate between any issues with the unit. Furthermore, periods of high respiratory demands are continuously checked and catered for. This is achieved by maintaining a constant positive pressure inside the respirator.

8 Hour Battery Life

Finally, with its 8 hour battery life the PowerCap® Infinity® respirator enables the user to work all day. For convenience, the Lithium-ion battery is fully rechargeable and has a high performance capacity. The battery has an expected lifetime of around 500 charge cycles. Battery charge time is 8 hours.


The PowerCap® Infinity® respirator is intended for use in areas where respiratory protection from dust, spores, mist and fumes, head protection from falling objects, and eye/face protection from high speed particles is required. Please note: the PowerCap® Infinity® respirator is NOT suitable for gases or vapours.

  • Agriculture
  • Building demolitions
  • Carpentry and joinery
  • Concrete
  • Construction
  • Fibreglass - mechanical sanding
  • Paint stripping  - mechanical sanding
  • Metallic dusts
  • Mining
  • Aerosols - oil based fluids
  • Oil based fluids
  • Allergens
  • Forestry
  • Weed killing
  • Clinical Research
  • Pharmaceuticals

Cleaning and Maintenance

The PowerCap® Infinity® respirator is a modular system. This means it is simple to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance after full training has been given. When it comes to replacing the filters, the process is simple and straightforward. Using the intuitive quick-change bayonet system it takes no time at all to replace the filters.

PowerCap Respirator

What's more, the key elements of the PowerCap® Infinity® respirator are user-replaceable. This gives the user more flexibility and control in maintaining their own product.

This includes:

  • Filters and filter covers
  • Visor, visor seal and peel-off visor protectors
  • Helmet and harness strap
  • Twin-Turbo drive unit and carrier
  • Battery pack and charging dock
  • Airflow indicator test unit
  • Carry case


Respiratory protection: TH3, with a Nominal Protection Factor of 500 (UK APF {Assigned Protection Factor} 40), the highest possible rating in the EN 12941:1998 + A2:2008 standard.

JSP PowerCap Infinity RespiratorFirstly, powered assisted filtering devices incorporating helmets or hoods against particulates, gases and vapours are classified by three classes: TH1, TH2, TH3. The PowerCap® Infinity® respirator meets the requirements as a TH3 Respiratory Protective Device. Secondly, the Nominal Protection Factor is the protection level you can expect from a certain class of respirators. Or, the level of protection that a specific wearer may achieve. In essence, this is the difference between wearing a specific respirator type and wearing no respirator at all.

Moreover, each Respiratory Protection Equipment (RPE) type and class is categorised by an assigned protection factor (APF). The APF is a number rating that indicates how much protection that RPE is capable of providing. With an APF of 40, the PowerCap® Infinity® respirator will reduce the user’s exposure by at least a factor of 40. However, in order to achieve this it must be used properly using the correct filters. Prior to purchase, all users will need to undertake a training session with a trained member of Axminster Business Services team.

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Eye and Full-face protection:  Optical class 1 visor conforms to EN166.B.

Head protection: The head unit conforms to EN397 (European Standard), ANSI/ISEA Z89.1 (American National Standard), CSA Z94.1 (Canadian Standard), and GB2811 (Chinese Standard).

Ear protection (optional extra): Add JSP's Sonis® Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders SNR 31 for complete above the neck protection. The Sonis® range of helmet mounted ear defenders have been tested and certified as compatible with JSP's Evolution® range of safety helmets. This guarantees that they perform at the optimal level of protection at all times.

PowerCap® Infinity® Respirator Roundup

In conclusion, when you begin your search to choose an effective respiratory protection for industrial use, it is important to look at several factors. These include your individual requirements, the environment you'll be using it in and the level of protection you need.

JSP PowerCap Infinity Respirator

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If you are interested in purchasing this product please note that the JSP PowerCap® Infinity® respirator requires training via one of our trained members of staff. Before the respirator can be released for delivery, a face-to-face consultation must be carried out. Please call our Axminster Business Services team on 0800 371822 to arrange the consultation. We understand your time is precious, so our Technical Consultants will bring the knowledge and the new JSP PowerCap® Infinity® respirator to you.

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