Sanding Favourites: A Guide to Power Tool Sanders

Deciding which sander to choose for your project can be difficult. There are so many variations to choose from and they all have slightly different capabilities, so ensuring you have made the right choice can be daunting. In this blog, we discuss the most popular types of power tool sanders we stock here at Axminster Tools and the applications that suit them best.

Random Orbit Sanders

Effectively a disc sander and an orbital sander combined, a random orbit sander can be efficient at both removing material and producing a smooth finish. A random orbit sander will leave less of a pattern on your workpiece, as it moves randomly in both circular and back and forth motions.

Random Orbit Sanders

Bosch GEX 40-150 Random Orbit Sander in L-BOXX - 230V

The thing that sets this sander apart from the rest is the multi-hole sanding pad, which allows you to utilise any 150mmm sanding disc and therefore almost any brand of abrasive. This feature also increases dust extraction efficiency. The Bosch GEX 40-150 features vibration control, so chance of fatigue is lowered and variable speed, so you can adjust according to your workpiece.

I would say the best sander I have used...

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Dewalt DCW210N XR Random Orbital Sander 18V (Body Only)

The DCW210N XR is a versatile, cordless sander. It features a variable speed option, meaning it is efficient for both coarse sanding and fine finishing. The counterbalance assists with low vibration, allowing you to use the tool for longer periods with little fatigue and there is a rubber grip for added comfort.

A high quality unit with good performance...

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Palm Sanders

As the name implies, palm sanders generally fit into the palm of your hand. Best utilised for small to medium sized jobs such as resurfacing furniture, a palm sander will remove the surface of your project and leave a smooth finish. Unlike the random orbit sander, a palm sander moves only in circular motions. Putting too much pressure on the sander when working will wear out your abrasive quickly, light application is best.

Palm Sanders

Makita B04555 Palm Sander - 230V

Ideal for finishing applications and weighing just over 1kg, the BO4555 is comfortable, efficient and affordable. Changing the abrasive is easy, the sander can accommodate sheets with or without hook and loop backing. There is built in dust extraction with a detachable bag, alternatively you can remove the bag and attach an extractor hose.

Every workshop should have one!!

Axminster customer

Bosch GSS 18V-10 Multi-base Palm Sander in L-BOXX (Body Only)

Bosch's first cordless orbital palm sander, the GSS 18V-10 is effectively three tools in one, featuring an interchangeable base with three options of square, rectangular and delta. It is a very lightweight tool, so can be easily used at height, one handed and for longer lengths of time. The Bosch micro filter box ensures efficient extraction, alternatively you have the option to attach to an extraction hose.

Should have bought this a long time ago...

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Belt Sanders

A belt sander is a fairly robust tool and is best suited to removing large amounts of material quickly. Powerful and with the belt abrasive running at a high speed, this will be the sander to use if you need to remove a large amount of waste from a big surface area, such as a floor.Belt Sanders

Makita 9404 Belt Sander

Fitted with a 100mm wide belt and high torque motor, the Makita 9404 will make short work of sanding a table or similar large flat surface. There is a variable speed feature, allowing you to control the rate you remove the material from your workpiece, and is supplied with a dust bag to efficiently catch the waste.

Axminster customer

Makita DBS180Z Brushless Narrow Belt Sander 18v (Body Only)

As it is a narrow belt sander, the DBS180Z is a little different. The main feature of this sander is the thin, pivoting 9mm wide belt, which allows you to reach places most others will not and, therefore, is an invaluable tool for finishing your projects. There is an LED light to assist in areas of low light and an extraction port where you can connect a suitable extractor. The sanding arm folds back to ensure compact storage.

Delta Sanders

A delta sander is traditionally a triangular shape sander, used best for those tricky areas such as corners. Despite being specifically designed for precise work, delta sanders are robust machines and can be used for home or site work.

Delta Sanders

Festool DTS 400 REQ-PLUS Delta Sander

Lightweight and compact at only 1.2kg, the DTS 400 REQ-PLUS can easily be used at height for long periods of time without risk of fatigue. With 250 watts behind it, this is a powerful sander and the speed control ensures up top 25% more material can be removed than previous models, by transferring all the power to the work surface. When connected to a mains dust extractor, virtually no debris is left behind, alternatively you can use the long-life collection bag which is supplied with the machine.

Makes finishing sanding so much quicker

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