With the arrival of Festool's new TKS 80 bench-mounted circular saw, serious injuries while sawing will become a thing of the past. The SawStop technology works to protect your most valuable tool - your fingers - from harm and injury which means sawing has never been safer!

According to Festool, the statistics from the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV), Accidents at Work 2017 states approximately 4,000 injuries are caused by circular saws annually. This equates to 16 injuries per working day which causes a massive impact on productivity, potential earnings and personal ability to work, especially if self employed. The TKS 80 bench-mounted circular saw with SawStop technology is a game changer when it comes to protecting what matters the most. Read our helpful guide to find out more!

Key Features & Benefits of the Festool TKS 80

Integrated SawStop Technology

Firstly, enjoy increased safety while you saw with the first Festool saw with innovative SawStop technology. This guarantees safe sawing in non-conductive materials.

Intelligent Cartridge

A cartridge releases a pretensioned spring and pushes an aluminium block into the saw blade. After being triggered, the cartridge is replaced in just a few steps.

Flexible Working

Thanks to the angle stop you can take advantage of several features. These include a work surface that can be extended in both its width and length, improved flexibility and the chance to enjoy variable work, even with large workpieces (up to a cutting height of 80mm).

Responsive Sensor

The saw stops within 5 milliseconds upon contact with the user's skin and disappears into the work surface.

Bypass Option

If necessary, the SawStop technology can be deactivated. In such instances, you can machine conductive materials such as copper and aluminium.

Maximum Precision

If you carry out mitre rip cuts, you'll notice fewer splinters on the upper surface of the material when you swivel the saw blade to the left. Plus, if you use the splinter guard, enjoy clean precise results, even on the underside of the material. With a fine adjuster and various locking positions, the saw can also be used for both rip and cross cuts.

Comprehensive System Accessories

For convenience, your work surface can be extended in both its length and width. The sliding table allows for cross-cuts up to 920mm.

Space Saving Solutions

A tool garage attached on the side provides optimal storage space for saw blades, cartridges and push sticks.

Choose Your Options

Festool TKS 80 EBS- Set

Purchase the complete set which includes:

  • HW universal saw blade W40
  • 3x splinter guard
  • Angle stop
  • Dust extraction set
  • Workpiece holder
  • Operation tool
  • Extension table
  • VB TKS 80
  • Guide extension VL TKS 80
  • LA TKS 80 stopper
  • Sliding table ST TKS 80

Alternatively, purchase the TKS 80 EBS and buy the accessories you need, as and when you require!

Festool TKS 80 EBS

This includes:

  • HW universal saw blade W40
  • 3x splinter guard
  • Angle stop
  • Dust extraction set
  • Workpiece holder
  • Operation tool

KT- TKS 80 Replacement Cartridge

The replacement cartridge contains the central element of the TKS 80: SawStop technology. After being triggered, the cartridge must be replaced which is simple to do.

VL TKS 80 Guide Extension

Purchase the guide extension to extend the support area by 580mm. Easy and quick to assemble and dismantle, the extension allows you to safely and precisely saw to length. Comes complete with adjustable dimension scale.

LA TKS 80 Stopper

The moveable stop profile with fine adjuster allows for precise rip cuts. It features a front operating lever as well as a clamp for secure mounting on the bench-mounted circular saw.

ST TKS 80 Sliding Table

For large work areas, the sliding table can be installed in two positions. Ideal for cross-cutting with a cutting width up to 920mm, it comes complete with four plastic rollers to ensure that the sliding table moves smoothly.

VB TKS 80 Extension Table

With an adjustable dimension scale, the extension table is simple to assemble and dismantle. It provides safe and precise width sawing and extends the support area by 411mm. Use to achieve a maximum cutting width with 680mm rip cut.

Circular Saw Blades

Made from high-quality steel with saw teeth made from fine-grade carbide, Festool circular saw blades are designed for the toughest conditions. Colour coding makes it easier to select the correct saw blade for the application.


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