Peter had approached many suppliers to provide the machinery for the workshop as well as assistance in set up and training for users of the workshop. As a result, Peter decided that Axminster could provide the best all-round support throughout the project.

Axminster's Technical Consultant, Steven, advised Peter on what equipment would best fit the workshop. This included a spiral planer, bandsaw, table saw, spindle moulder and extractor, along with a range of tools and accessories.

Steven, alongside Craig from Axminster's Skill Centre, drove from Devon to Banchory to install the machinery. Following this, they spent a further two days to providing intensive training for six people. It was vital for Axminster to ensure that users were confident with the machinery setup and use.

On leaving Peter thanked Axminster and could not have been happier with the outcome. Axminster wishes everyone at The Bothy the best of luck and we can’t wait to see some finished projects!

We are Axminster for life – everything comes from you. Thank you.

Peter Tyrell

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