Take a look at our tool superstars of the year with our roundup of our favourite top tools! See what’s made the list for 2020 and let us know your thoughts on your favourite tools of the year!

Axminster Rider 5 Piece Bevel Edge Chisel Set

First up is this high quality, five piece chisel set which includes 6mm, 12mm, 20mm, 25mm and 32mm widths. European-made, it contains chisels made from hardened and tempered manganese steel. This ensures an ultra keen edge as well as ease of use, thanks to the comfortable polypropylene handles.

Very good value for the price

Axminster customer

Shokunin Japanese Ryoba Double-Edged Saw - 270mm

Two saws in one! This Japanese saw features crosscut teeth with three cutting edges. This allows a smooth cutting action and leaves a clean finish. It is easy to use thanks to the long handle, which acts as a counterbalance and the blade cutting on the pull stroke. This saw would be at home in any woodworker's tool bag.

Axminster Trade Clamps HD Parallel Jaw Clamp Pivot 600 x 95mm

The initial attraction with this clamp is the lifetime guarantee, but the attributes just keep coming. The bar is made from zinc-plated steel to reduce flexibility. The hardened rollers ensure the moving head is kept at a 90 degree angle at all times. Also, the clamp can be used as a spreader, thanks to the reversible sliding head.

Best clamps ever

Axminster customer

Axminster Engineer Series SC4 Bench Lathe

Next, the SC4 bench lathe is a versatile, concise machine and is ideal for an engineer's workshop. It is also fantastic for educational use. Thanks to the 1000W high torque, brushless motor, it is almost silent when running. With 510mm between centres, the variable speed ranges from 125rpm to 2,000rpm. It also offers the ability to add a milling attachment.

Axminster Trade AT3327B Bandsaw

Previously known as the SBW4300B, this bandsaw is easy to use, versatile and perfect for trade customers. Perhaps most important to mention are the key safety features. These include twin extraction ports, interlocked doors and a braked motor. The bandsaw includes a quick release tensioning lever which allows for efficient blade changes. You can also choose from two belt speeds depending on the size of job you are doing. The blades suited most to this bandsaw are our own Axcaliber range, manufactured here in Axminster, Devon.

Bosch GCM 8 SJL Slide Mitre Saw 230V

Suited to both professional and home users, the Bosch GCM 8 SJL sliding mitre saw offers a large cutting capacity of 70 x 312mm at 0°. The cutting line is always clear, thanks to the fitted laser. Setting angles couldn't be easier using the front locking arm, side lock lever and stainless steel scale.  Efficient extraction comes from two points, one of which travels with the sliding head. This helps to keep your workpiece clear.

UJK Work Holding Accessory Kit in T-LOC Case

Next, all supplied in a T-Loc storage case, this set includes everything you need to cut or clamp on a worktop made with the UJK Parf Guide System. It contains 4 UJK Cam Clamps, 4 UJK Wedges, 4 UJK Back Stops, a pair of UJK Dog Rail Clips, 6 UJK 12mm Guide Pups, 2 UJK 50mm Guide Dogs and a UJK Chamfer Tool.

Tormek T-8 Custom Sharpening System

Supplied without grinding or honing wheels, Tormek have allowed you to custom build your sharpening machine. With the HB-10 Tormek Handbook, Tormek DVD, WM-200 AngleMaster and the US-105 Universal Support all included, all that's left to do is select your preferred wheels and any extra accessories you may desire. With an 8 year warranty (5+3), you can't go wrong!

Peanut® 2 Connecting System Package

Next, if you need to create strong, secure cabinet joints, this innovative system is perfect for you. The Peanut 2 is a self clamping, invisible connector which is incredibly simple to use. Included are the PEANUT® router cutter (1/2” shank), 100 x PEANUT®2 connectors, a 6mm drill bit with depth stop and a 24mm low profile router guide bush, all you need to add are clamps and screws.

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Axminster Woodturning Micro Handle & Set of 6 Tools

Ideal for intricate work and small projects, this set includes a round nose scraper, swan neck scraper, diamond side scraper, round side scraper, 6mm skew chisel and 6mm spindle gouge. All tools are sourced from Crown Tools in Sheffield, UK. The stainless steel handle is manufactured by our skilled engineering team in Axminster, Devon and has been contoured to facilitate an easy grip.

A great set of micro tools!

Axminster customer

Axminster Craft AC200BDS Belt & Disc Sander

Perfectly suited to hobby workshops, the AC200BDS is directly driven from the motor spindle. This means you don't need to change any drive belts. Dust extraction is efficient thanks to close fitting guarding. Furthermore, a powered fan in the outlet port means you can almost guarantee a clear workpiece. Easily interchangeable discs and belts, this sander is the solution to all your craft finishing projects.

Axminster Trade AT2260BS2 Belt Sander

Purposed for our trade customers, the AT2260BS2 is a compact yet robust machine, running on a 2.2kW motor. It allows sanding at almost any vertical or horizontal angle and features an adjustable cast iron table to suit your workpiece. Very quiet when running producing a perfect finish every time, you are guaranteed to find this sander useful.

Axminster Trade ATG700DP Gyro Air Fine Dust Processor

Reliable for both workshop and education use, the ATG700DP is brilliantly efficient with a variable speed option. This allows you to adjust the air flow to suit the demands of the workpiece as well as saving up to 50% energy. It is extremely quiet, yet still guarantees maximum extraction, thanks to the ingenious function of this dust processor.

The ATG700DP Gyro Air spins the debris-laden air at approximately 4,000rpm within twin stainless steel double cone separation chambers. The centrifugal force pushes the dust particles out from the airstream into the dust containers and through the filters to create an extremely safe working environment.

UJK Parf System Fence

Next, the UJK Parf System Fence is 600mm long, 10mm thick and 40mm wide and machined precisely from anodised aluminium. For convenience, this fence is compatible with both UJK and PGS worktops. It is supplied with 2 x 25mm long parf dogs and an adjustable stop to hold your workpiece securely in place. The fence features three sets of four holes, each set at 96mm centres and the holes within each set at 32mm centres (System 32). This really is a great all-round item to have in your workshop.

Solid and accurate fence system

Axminster customer, 5 star review

Axcaliber Fineline PTFE Coated Handsaw 11tpi - 500mm(20")

A perfectly rigid blade made from 1mm steel, coupled with with triple diamond ground FineLine teeth mean this saw is both hard wearing and reliable. The blade is also rust resistant which allows you the freedom to work in or outdoors.

UJK Air Wedge - Square 160mm

Finally, one of the most versatile items to ever grace your toolbox, the UJK air wedges make all fixing, fitting and levelling jobs easier. What's more, they assist in an array of other situations. Able to fit into a 2mm gap and made from highly durable material with triple welded seams, this product is tough to beat. The square air wedge is sized at 160mm x 145mm, lifts 2mm to 55mm and has a maximum lifting weight 180kg.

A must have tool

Axminster customer, 5 star review

A roundup of the year’s top tools

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