UJK Parf Mk II Guide System Review

An invaluable tool for professionals and home workshops alike, the UJK Parf Mk II Guide System allows you to build a custom bench top, a portable cutting board or a replacement MFT top and more. This versatile jig system allows you to make a simple configuration in just 30 minutes, but don't just take our word for it, let's hear from a professional.

Radha Sivyer. Recognise the name? Radha was a finalist on last year’s Handmade: Britain’s Best Woodworker and since then he has built up an incredible following on social media. Now with over 80,000 followers on Instagram alone, Radha is influencing many young people to get into woodworking.

A bit about Radha Sivyer:

Radha got into woodworking through his uncle, Ganga, who himself is a fine woodworker/turner. On Christmas of 2003, Radha received his first tool. A JET Mini Lathe, bought from Axminster Tools, and it quickly became his obsession.  For the next seven years, he would spend countless hours tinkering away in a small plastic shed at the end of the garden, practicing a huge variety of woodworking techniques. Radha came across Japanese joinery and fell in love with it. Spending up to eight hours practicing a single joint, honing his skills as best as he could.
Radha later graduated with a degree in product design and took up a role as a Junior Cabinetmaker. While there, he applied to go onto Season 1 of Channel 4's Handmade: Britain's Best Woodworker and his success on the show gave him the confidence to quit his job and start his own furniture making business, where he is now commissioned for high-end, bespoke pieces.

Radha Sivyer

Check out Radha's social media for more fantastic videos.

A quote from Radha on the UJK Parf MKII Guide System:

Deceivingly simple. Initially feeling intimidated by the UJK Parf Guide System I expected to spend hours trying to get everything aligned, but UJK have engineered a stunningly simple and highly accurate tool.

Our range of UJK accessories is designed to enhance your cutting and work holding.

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