The warm, rich colours of Autumn provide great inspiration for creatives but it’s also a reminder that the colder months are coming. So, before you hibernate indoors for some workshop fun, it’s important to prepare and protect your outdoors for the chilly, wet days ahead. Here are a few ways to winter proof your outdoor spaces this winter. 

Clear and clean

After clearing away leaves and debris it’s worth giving everything a thorough clean. Wet and cold weather is the ideal breeding ground for mildew and algae, which can not only stain your paving slabs but make them very slippery. If you consider cleaning a chore then make it quicker (and more fun) with a power washer!

Liberon Garden Furniture Cleaner

Powerful cleaner that can be used on treated or untreated wood to remove dirt, mould and fungal growth.

Bosch UniversalAquatak 125 Pressure Washer

High-pressure washer that offers a quick and effortless solution for cleaning outdoor areas, the car or even the caravan.
Bosch UniversalAquatak 125 Pressure Washer

Wooden Structure Maintenance

These last few warm, dry Autumn days are a great time to give wooden furniture and structures the once over. Repair any decaying timber now as it will only worsen over winter. Varnish, oil or paint any wooden items such as chairs, tables and planters. Once dry, store them in an area that is protected from the elements or cover them with a waterproof sheet.

Abatron WoodEpox

WoodEpox Epoxy Wood Filler is ideal for re-building and repairing sections of wood destroyed by rot.

Abatron WoodEpox

Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra

High-quality oil that offers superb durability against weathering with an added biocide to combat insect attack and fungal growth.

Hand Tool Care

Just like any woodworking hand tool your garden tools need maintenance. Clean and protect your outdoor tools to give them a longer life and to prevent bacteria build-up that could infect your plants come spring.

Spid Universal Brass Plated Steel Wire Brush

Brass-plated steel wire brush for hand cleaning, rust removal, preparing metal and more.

Camellia Oil Rust Protector Pump Spray Bottle

Effective barrier against rust for your secateurs, saws and all other metal handtools prone to corrode.

Prune and project!

Every tree and shrub has its own ideal time for pruning but for some easy cutting, all you need is a high-quality pruning saw or secateurs. Whilst most branches will be destined for the log pile why not get creative with some? Our Beat The Boredom series has some easy projects that you can enjoy with the younger members of the family.

Z-Saw Japanese Fixed Pruning Saw in Sheath

An ideal saw for pruning small and larger fruit trees or trimming thick branches in unruly hedges.

Z-Saw Japanese Fixed Pruning Saw in Sheath - 270mm

Arno Pruning Secateurs

These bypass pruning secateurs are manufactured in France for professionals working in gardens, vineyards and orchards. The size allows greater access to tight spots or for close trimming.

Arno Pruning Secateurs - 180mm

Woodworking Projects for Kids | Branch Wreath

Branch out and try this decorative wreath project guaranteed to brighten up your homes this holiday season.

Protect winter wildlife

You may not be planning to use your garden for the next few months but others still need to! Give them a helping hand and make your garden wildlife-friendly by putting out feeders and shelters. If you don’t have any then why not make your own with our simple how to guides.

How To Build A Bee and Bug Hotel

A great first woodworking project to do with children with the added bonus of being extremely beneficial for your garden. Providing insects with a cosy shelter over winter means they'll be right on hand to help fight pests and pollinate your plants when the weather warms up.

How to Make a Birdhouse

This step-by-step guide is great fun to build and gives our feathered friends somewhere safe to shelter against the elements. Follow the RSPB approved plan and spread your woodworking wings.

How to Make a Tiered Bird Table

This recycled pallet project is guaranteed to keep birds happy during the colder months, they may even return the favour and stick around to help snap up pests throughout the growing season.

Just like any successful woodworking project, preparation is key and this extends to your outdoor spaces. Prepare it for the cold winter weather and you'll save yourself time and money come spring.