What is the process, from quoting for a new job through to the completed installation?

We first establish the customer's requirements. For instance, for a new extraction system we would need to understand:

  1. What existing woodworking machines are fitted/due to be fitted
  2. How many of these machines will be working at any one time
  3. The recommended extraction volumes and machine outlet sizes

Once we have gathered the above information, we can determine a suitable filter system and extraction fan.We would then establish how the customer wants to capture the waste, should it be...

  1. Captured in polybags, collection bins, large skips or containers?
  2. Automatically fed into a Biomass System?

Finally, we look at the customers site and machine layout. From this we can provide a full 3D schematic of the system layout with ducting and provide a full quotation. 

If the customer's happy to go ahead with the order, we manufacture the system and ductwork in our Wooburn Green factories. We confirm installation dates with the customer and project manage the installation right through to the commissioning of the system.

How long does an installation take? Do you have to be based in the UK?

Installation depends on the size of the system and the location. Some installations can be completed as quickly as one day, but others can take longer.  We are currently working on a system that will take 6 weeks to complete. We also have installations in Africa, Russia, Malaysia, Spain and Ireland.

Can you make extraction systems bespoke to suit each job/client?

Yes, in-fact nearly every system has been manufactured bespoke to the customer requirements.  For instance, if the customer is short on space or height, we can adapt our filter systems to suit.
We can also tailor the extraction fans to suit our customers. We are also often able to offer a more energy efficient solution depending on the materials and waste they produce.

Can you create extraction systems for all forms of dust?

Yes. Wood dusts such as hardwood, softwood, chipboard, MDF & corrine are the most common, however we have also provided systems for lots of other materials, such as; metals, plastboard, cement, soil, insulation foam, composites, paper and loads more!

What is the most challenging installation you have done?

The most challenging installation was when a customer asked us to de-commission their filter system, biomass system and ductwork. This was all in a two week Christmas shutdown period. We had to run a day and a night shift to meet this deadline. Scheduling lorries, cranes etc over this period was also challenging but we got the job done.

Can you share a customer extraction challenge that you've solved?

We installed a new full turnkey system for one of our customers. This included a high velocity cyclone on top of a storage silo that feeds a hot water boiler system. The cyclone drops the waste into the silo pressure free and is an essential part of the system. Our customer then expanded and moved to a larger factory, however the local council would not let them install the cyclone on top the silo as this was 11m high. Our solution was to install the cyclone on the floor and get the waste into the silo via a bucket conveyor system. This solved the problem.

Tell us about this particular extraction system you are installing this week?

Tom Raffield's filter system is one of our most popular systems.  It can handle many types of applications including fine dust. The extractor fan is powered by a 7.5kW direct drive motor and the system has an automatic filter cleaning on shut down. All ductwork supplied was our rolled edge clamp together duct. The quick-release clamps mean that there are no internal obstacles that could cause blockages. It's safer to handle and can be easily adapted should Tom Raffield wish to change/add machines etc.

The collaboration between Axminster Tools and Machinery and Wood Waste Control has been a positive one for Tom Raffield Ltd. Axminster applied their normal exemplary customer service to help in the design of our new dust extraction system and this has been mirrored through the dealings we have had with Wood Waste Control, from tweaking small details with the design to the installation team who were fantastic. The whole process has been seamless and the extraction system is running well. I would happily recommend their services to others and would not hesitate to use them again.

Paul Kitchen, Health and Safety Officer - Tom Raffield

Wood Waste ControlOur specialist field sales team combined with Wood Waste Control will ensure the best quality extraction system is fitted into your workshop. Let us do the hard work for you. To ensure you are using an appropriate extraction system, or if you are looking for a new extraction system to be fitted by Wood Waste, you can do so by getting in touch with our Business Services team at Axminster.

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