Wooden Heart Project

Fall in love with woodwork by creating some wooden works of art. An ideal project for complete beginners, this simple to follow project is a great way to pass some time at home.

With only a few simple tools and materials, get your young children involved in creating a super cute wooden heart. But, with any project involving tools, there must be a supervising adult around at all times.

Here we used a small branch usually used for creating toadstools as part of our Skill Centre Woodturning course, but a branch from the garden would do perfectly!

Only a few simple tools and materials required

Let’s get started...

Firstly, start by cutting the branch into discs. We advise the use of a table clamp to stop it rolling when being cut. As stated, children must be supervised at all times.

Next, get your backing board and draw a shape. In our example, we’ve drawn a heart. Arrange the pieces so they fit inside the outline.

Top Tip!

If you use thin branches and cut them into longer lengths you can stick them together and won’t require a backing board.

Now, take one piece at a time and start gluing them down. Once they're all glued in place, you’ve completed this simple project!

As you'll see, we have kept the heart as a frame. However, depending on what you want to achieve, you can trim the excess backing board by cutting around the discs.

If you've enjoyed making this wooden heart project, why not experiment with different patterns and wood textures next time? Remember to be responsible, and make sure you leave the tree with some branches!

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