Wooden Wind Chime

Our rustic wooden wind chime is a great way to entertain the children over the upcoming weekend. Get outside and get creative!

Part 1 – Get organised

Choose your branch material. Cut into slices roughly 10mm thick to give each slice a bit of weight. This will help prevent the pieces tangling.

Part 2 – Plan the look of your wind chime

Choose a branch or stick from which you would like your project to hang from. Roughly lay out how you would like the wooden wind chime to look.


Part 3 – Mark out and drill

Mark with a pencil the spacings for your drill holes. In our example, we marked out every 40mm. Drill the holes with equal spacing making sure to hold your branch in a vice.

Part 4 – Tidy up

Clean all the drill holes using a Countersink

Part 5 – Drill and countersink

Using a scrap backing board for support, drill a hole through each of the slices, close to the top of each piece. Countersink all the drill holes.

Part 6 – Find balance point and drill

If you would like to hang any horizontal branches/twigs, find the balance point and mark with a pencil. Drill through. Again, hold the twig safely in a vice before drilling.

Part 7 – Sand, if desired

If you would like to sand the pieces, now’s the time to do it. In our example, we left ours rough sawn.


Part 8 – Sort string

Cut your pieces of string to length and tie a knot at one end. Pull through the long stick from which everything hangs and tie to the cut piece.

Part 9 – Check the balance

When all the pieces are tied on, lift your wooden wind chime up and check its balance. You may need to add or remove some pieces.


Part 10 – Trim

Trim all of the excess string to tidy up the project.


Part 10 – Complete

Your rustic wind chime is now complete! Hang in a windy area and enjoy its relaxing sounds.


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