Potpourri Pot Project

A Potpourri Pot is a fantastic little woodturning project that uses many crossover techniques on the woodturning lathe. Watch skilled turner, Cowlin Way, as he gives you a step-by-step guide. He covers everything from timber selection to finishing and everything in between. He also answers many commonly asked questions along the way.

Did you know?

The word potpourri comes from the French 'pot pourri' meaning rotten pot!

How To Make A Potpourri Pot

Why does Colwin use the Crown Carbide Pro Hollowing Tipped Turning Tool for his Potpourri Pot?

For this project, it was easier to use the round cutter of the carbide tipped tool which also benefits from a very strong vibration-free wide shaft, making it incredibly stable on the tool rest. The shape of this tool made it preferable to a cutting type hollower as it's impossible to create a bevel rubbing cut under the rim of a vessel of this shape with that type of tool.

Colwin Way

Tough, durable, and razor-sharp, the Crown Carbide Pro Hollowing Tipped Turning Tool is a cut above the rest. Start turning straight out the box with Crown’s carbide-tipped woodturning tools. Exclusive in the UK, the Crown Carbide range features solid tungsten carbide cutters, which are long-lasting, tough, and razor-sharp.

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