Sharpening Cabinet Scrapers

Cabinet scrapers are one of the most useful and inexpensive tools you can own. They offer a range of capabilities, from removing small amounts of material, smoothing, shaping, and removing old finishes. However, sharpening them and using them correctly is key to their success. Here, Jason Breach shows you how to sharpen and get the best from your scrapers.

Cabinet Scrapers Part 1 & 2

New Rider Cabinet Scrapers

Rider 4 Piece Scraper Set

This set of four spring steel, rectangular cabinet scrapers has all the answers for general work. It comprises two 150mm x 50mm, one 0.4mm and the other 0.6mm thick, and two larger thicker cabinet scrapers 150mm x 60mm, at 0.8mm and 1mm thick. Supplied in a rust preventative cortex bag.

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Cabinet Scraper Set

Rider 4 Piece Curved Set

A set of four spring steel curved scrapers, two gooseneck 0.4mm and 0.6mm thick, along with two convex/concave of the same thicknesses. Supplied in a rust preventative cortex bag.

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Curved Scraper Set

Top Tip

Working with scrapers can produce heat build-up. By wearing finger guards you protect those precious digits. The guards provide protection from minor cuts and splinters without restricting dexterity. Great for other jobs like detail carving, whittling, or similar work.

Finger Guards

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