Woodworking Workshops - A Step Closer To Achieving The Dream

Tools and machinery to consider

Depending on whether you’re an apprentice, hobbyist or professional, the list of tools and machinery in your workshop will differ. Your budget will also have a significant effect on what you choose to include but always dream big. With a focus towards the ultimate woodworking workshop, we’ve hand picked some of our best-loved tools and machines to add to your Wish List.

Choosing a workbench for your woodworking workshop

First things first, a good workbench is essential in any sized workshop. Axminster's AS Premium Workbench is built to a very high standard from European beech and ticks all the boxes when it comes to quality. It features 13 x 20mm dog holes for clamping longer lengths of timber with the tail vice. If you need extra space for storing small tools, the Axminster Pro 2 Cupboard is a perfect choice. It's been designed to complement the workbench to create a complete storage solution. Learn more about What Makes A Good Workbench; one of the essential workshop items which is sometimes overlooked.

Axminster Workbench with Leigh Dovetail Jig


Next, one of the most used tools in the workshop is the bandsaw. Scoring top marks in the ranks of multi-functional tools, the Powermatic PM1500 Bandsaw really is a fantastic addition to any workshop. Good looking, heavy-duty in every way and packed with features, it's designed to make curves, cross cuts and thin veneers. As one of the most versatile machines in a woodworking workshop, it's no wonder it features highly on many people's wish list. What's more, for complete peace of mind, all Powermatic machines come with a 5 year mechanical component warranty. Discover more about The Key Features of a Bandsaw and get helpful advice on Choosing The Right Bandsaw Blade.

Choosing a router table for your woodworking workshop

Like a good spindle moulder, the UJK Technology Professional Router Table is a solid, dependable unit that will give many years of useful service. Accurate and high quality without any fiddly gimmicks, this router table offers lots of flexibility. This is especially true when combined with a premium router such as the Festool OF 2200 EB-Plus Router (1/2"). If you want advice on How To Set Up Your Router Table, look no further. We've put together a helpful guide along with Nine 1/2" Router Cutters To Grow Your Collection.

UJK Technology Router Table and Coping Sled

Saw Bench

Another top pick of ours is the Axminster Trade Series AW12BSB2 Saw Bench. It's compact and durable thanks to its cast iron and heavy gauge steel construction, yet it packs plenty of power. The saw has a cast iron table is precision ground and polished to offer minimal levels of friction. This ensures a smooth and controllable workpiece passage. The saw is powered by a 3.0 kW 1ph induction motor that will run reliably, day in, day out. There's plenty of other benefits including safer rip work, accurate measurement and easy access for maintenance. Buy this saw bench with confidence from Axminster with our FREE 3 Year Guarantee – available on all Trade Series machines.

Axminster Trade Series AW12BSB2 Saw Bench

Other important factors

With a few dream products in our wish list pot, let’s now take a look at some of the other important factors to consider when moving towards the ultimate workshop setup.


In most cases, the best workshop space is a flexible one. A workshop is not a static entity and so it is important to expect change. Over time, your workshop will grow, adapt, and change configuration. Therefore, getting the space right for you and the way you work is essential, especially with the vision of moving towards your dream workshop in the future.


Dust and chippings of any sort, be it in the workshop or on site, are a hazard and dangerous to health. It is therefore important to invest in the most suitable extractor to suit your needs. Our Dust Extractors Guide helps to provide some guidance on the range of extractors available. Furthermore, our Workshop Safety Guidelines for Safer Woodworking details some of the fundamental guidelines for maintaining workshop safety to ensure you feel confident and safe at all times.

Workshop Lighting

Whether natural or artificial, every workshop should have good lighting. Ideally, you want to aim for crisp, bright and evenly distributed light from one side of the workshop to the other.


In terms of power, the more outlets the better. Consider including a few in the ceiling and floor to avoid power cords in the walkways. Also, have a think about adding power outlets in locations that would work for various tool configurations.

So, there you have it; a few things to bear in mind when moving your woodworking workshop up a gear. As with everything in life, personal preference and what you want to achieve from your workshop is a huge deciding factor in what you choose. And remember, here at Axminster we offer flexible and affordable Finance options meaning you can upgrade your home or trade workshop and let your new tools and machinery pay for themselves!

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