Staff Bead & Nosing Router Cutter

Staff bead and nosing router cutters are used to create the rounded front edge of stair treads, or window sills. Likewise, they can also be used to create a decorative stepped half bead on items such as wooden shelves. Available in a number of sizes, the smaller sizes can be used with a free hand router and side fence but a router table setup is recommended for the larger sizes. By varying the setup and using different sizes, it is possible to produce a number of different results.

This router cutter produces a one pass cutter operation meaning it's possible to cut to the full depth in one go.

Tapered Tongue and Groove Cutter Set

Achieve accurate tongue and groove joints on items like table tops and door panels using these two matching cutters. The tongue and groove joint increases the gluing contact area between boards when compared to a standard butt joint. The taper profile creates more strength whilst improving accurate alignment. The interlocking of the boards results in quicker gluing up and cleaning up after. Both cutters are bearing guided meaning it's possible to create curved interlocking items. Ideal for material thicknesses 21mm to 31mm thick.

Axcaliber Tapered Tongue and Groove Set

Adjustable Finger Joint Cutter Set

The tapered profile of the adjustable finger joint cutter makes one of the strongest ways of jointing solid timber either side to side (joint) or even end to grain together. The accuracy of the joint and the increased surface area to be glued provides a joint that is far stronger than other methods of jointing. The set consists of six interchangeable twin tooth cutters which can be re-positioned to allow the cutting of material thickness of 12.7mm up to 36mm. The number of cutters is altered depending on the thickness to be machined. Available in 1/2" shank only and strictly for use in a router table.

Adjustable Finger Joint Cutter Set

Reversible Stile and Rail Cutter (Bevel)

The making of items like kitchen doors, bath panels or even display cabinets is achievable using a reversible stile and rail cutter. This simple bevel profile creates a classic uncluttered result. Simply reposition the accurately ground components of the cutter to allow both the end grain cut (rail) and the long grain cut (stile) to be machined.  The bearing guided reversible stile and rail cutter allows for accurate repeat setting up and the machining of curved components. Suitable for use within a router table only and for material thicknesses of between 12mm to 22mm.

Axcaliber Reversible Stile & Rail Cutter (Bevel)

Offset Glue Joint Cutter

The offset glue joint cutter works in a very similar way to a tongue and groove cutter. It is suitable for the accurate jointing of materials to form wider panels for items like table tops. The interlocking profile increases the gluing surface and allows better alignment resulting in a stronger joint that requires less cleaning up.

During set up, the timber must be accurately centred to the cutter, adjusting the cutter height so that the centre of the timber lines up exactly with the centre point of the cutter. When in use, you can cut the board on alternate faces (turned over), to produce an accurate interlocking strong joint that will require minimal cleaning up. For use in a router table only. Suitable for material thicknesses of 14mm to 26mm.

Bearing Guided Architrave Cutter

If you are bored with standard home skirting and architrave, this bearing guided cutter allows you to make your own. One of the biggest benefits is that you can choose your preferred material allowing you to have a natural wood look, without the need to repaint it.  Furthermore, a bearing guided architrave cutter allows you to create your own sizes and lengths for complete flexibility. Suitable for use in a router table only.

Mitre Lock Cutter

A dual purpose cutter used to create accurate 90 degree interlocking mitre joints. The interlocking profile ensures trouble free gluing up and improves the strength of the joint. Additionally, it adds a decorative look, ideal when making boxes and drawers. Finally, this cutter can cut extremely strong joints to create panels or table tops. For use in a router table only.

Three Wing Slot Cutter Set

This set is a combination of our best selling slot cutter discs mounted onto one arbor. The slot cutter sizes are 3.2mm, 4mm, 4.8mm and 6.4mm. Within the set are also a number of spacers and shims ranging from 1mm to 6mm, meaning it is possible to adapt the cutter to suit the task required. This could include creating a tongue and groove set, biscuit jointing, or cutting rebates and grooves. The set also comes with a bearing, which when set within the cutter, provides a 12.7mm depth of cut. Without the bearing, 15.8mm depth of cut is achievable. All this adds up to a very adaptable tasking cutter.

Axcaliber Bearing Guided Classic Ogee Cutter

Bearing Guided Classic Ogee Cutter

The shape of this traditional cutter allows you to cut a decorative edge onto items such as shelves and plinths. Likewise, it can also be used to create picture frame mouldings. The bearing allows the cutter to be guided meaning it is suitable for use on straight or curved components. This one cutter is capable of doing multiple tasks - when setting up, it's possible to use a small section of the cutter to produce a round over or cove cut. This bearing guided classic ogee cutter can be used free hand as well as in a router table setup.

½" Router Cutters - the choice is yours

Finding the right router cutter for the job can be a minefield for some. We share your passion for routing and hope to have shed some light on some of the options available.

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